The pink Phoenix

In London, these last few days, the sun’s been up in the sky and so are my hopes. My eyes opened to see the truth, to see the reality, the things that I didn’t want to face. But now, things have changed. I am changing. I am being reborn, slowly from my own ashes, true to the core but shining  brighter than before.

And it all starts with the little things; like quitting smoking (4 days now), going on a healthy diet, doing exercises, writing again, improving mind and spirit and, most of all, keeping my eyes wide open. Time for a change, time to spread the wings and let the right people in, time to smile and shine.

I came to London to in search of love and I found it, I came to London to rediscover myself, I came to London to change my life. This is my journey and it starts here, it might not end here, but I’m back on track, rediscovering myself and the people around me, listening, not only with ears, but with heart and mind too. I’ve been down, but I got up. I try to smile every day, every morning, even when I feel lonely and everything is quiet around me. I turn to the hum inside my heart and I find joy.

Of course, my journey just started, my eyes still adjust to the new light, but I praise this new beginning, wherever it might take me, whatever it might happen. Time to wear pink (ha!).

2 thoughts on “The pink Phoenix

  1. It will take time, it will possibly require all that you’ve got -maybe more. But, if you persevere, you’ll get there. And, you do deserver to get there. However, it will be as far from “easy” as is the explanation of a problem that has not yet been understood.
    Go for it. Prove yourself! To yourself.


  2. You’re right. It’ll be my hell, but you have to burn, to go through fire to become pure, right? (or at least somewhere close)
    To myself! (I can hear the glasses doing a *clink* sound.)


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