Guest Post – Ruth Ellen Parlour, Earth Angel tour

It’s nearly the end of my blog tour and I’d like to thank Jane for hosting today!

Earth Angel is my first novel and it has developed over quite a number of years as I’ve been learning more about the writing craft.

I first developed the concept when I was a teenager and I’ve been writing stories since then, building up characters and my fictional world. Earth Angel has gone through numerous versions and rewrites and only now, 10 years since I first coined the idea, did I feel confident enough to publish it.

The thing I love most about Earth Angel is the characters. I love their quirks, secrets and their aspirations, then I love putting them through hell to see how they cope with it!

I decided to self-publish after researching in depth and becoming very enthusiastic. I could write what I wanted and publish when it was ready, not having to wait for an acceptance from an agent. Being published traditionally does not guarantee success, if your books don’t sell fast they’ll be removed off the shelves! A self-published book will stay on the virtual shelf indefinitely. Also I got to design my own book cover which was so much fun!

I’m currently working on a spin-off of Earth Angel called God Slayer which takes place 100 years before the events of Earth Angel. I’ve planned Earth Angel to be a series of four books and the spin-off to be a trilogy.

Eardesha is protected by the twelve Gods and their Earth Angels. Fighting against her destiny as an Earth Angel, Faith is returning to the temple for her lover who she had to leave behind. Gabrielle, a criminal, escapes from prison only to be guided back by the God’s to help Faith stop a war. Threatened by invasion from the Krieger, Eardesha’s military trains convicted criminals into a brutal and disposable army. Gabrielle and Faith discover a power the Gods have kept secret for thousands of years, a secret that would change the future of Eardesha, and use it to stop the war.

Ruth was born in North Yorkshire and grew up in country Durham, North East England. She is a fantasy writer for young adults and occasionally write short stories. She is currently studying a master’s degree in digital arts and design at Teesside after obtaining her BA in interior design.

She especially love bunnies, and has a cheeky lop called Bandit and one day hopes to be a fosterer for unwanted bunnies.

Earth Angel on Amazon

Twitter @RuthEParlour

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