Bubbling happiness.

Dull days. After 5 awesome days in Rome with my mother, these dull days appeared to kick me in my face. So I got back to my Greek lessons and a lot of reading to make it all go away, to forget. Even the clock’s tongue got bored, everything was lazy and calm, going nowhere.

And then: BAM! It struck me like a lightning, coming out of nowhere, hitting me with full force right between my ribs, bubbling up, sizzling close to my heart, then going up-up, almost making me choke. What’s happening? I looked around and nothing changed and yet everything was different. That damn smile in the mirror was mine and it was for real, a huge smile, ear to ear. Inside I was bubbling, I could feel it. I was a bottle of champagne. Got my keys and my coat and went out for a walk; well, technically it was a walk-jump, walk-jump thing. I walked down the street, the same freaking street that I walk all the time and I could feel my muscles stretching, that smile still on my face. Again, odd. Then I realized that my disease had a very complicated and hard name to spell: HAPPINESS. Damn it! So that’s what happened.

I turned back home to analyze it. It was impossible, happiness doesn’t just hit you, just like that. Looked in the mirror, straight into my eyes: yup, happiness. But I had the proof there, it hit me. Something changed, twisted and turned in the deep layers of this precious little me and when this happiness struck me, there was no wall to stop it and it went right into me, bubbling me, possessing me. I still can’t believe I’m happy, I keep touching my face to confirm that this thing is for real.

God, I really hope I’m not dreaming!

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