A zone with friends.

HELEN KELLER: On friendship

I’ve been quite a lazy cat lately, I know, but this years is so fucked up, that I barely had time to breathe and relax. I lost my job right before New Year’s Eve, my place to stay and then I got dumped unceremoniously with a short email by my boyfriend. This is not me complaining, au contraire, this is me saying thank to my amazing friends and the love that I feel for them.

And now I’m writing under the heavy clouds and waiting for a ray of sun to shine through. Any moment now it’ll be light. I am not worried because I love and I forgive. When nothing comes as you expect, do the unexpected and see what happens. It might feel like nothing is happening, like everything is as dull and sad as before, but something, somewhere in the world there’s always someone to hear your call and answer it.


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