LZR-1143 a novel by Bryan James – book review

LZR-1143 by Bryan James depicts the outbreak of a virus that spreads fast, a virus that transforms people into mindless creatures; zombies.

Our guy, Louis, is an average looking guy, with an average life and he knows he’s a coward, he knows he’s not the guy that can save himself and the others colleagues trapped in their offices after the power fails and a mysterious illness eats the world around them. He’s the guy that trails behind, letting others take charge and you don’t know if you love him or hate him, but you definitely want him to run as fast as he can from the hungry hands reaching from him.

The story is gripping, kept me curling my toes without even knowing, I couldn’t relax while reading it. I wanted to read more, know more, see more. It was cleverly plotted,the characters believable and felt real to “touch”. Felt like a breath of fresh air to have, for once, characters that don’t act like they know what they’re doing, like chopping zombies is something that they can do before having their first cup of coffee. It’s challenging and I could easily relate to the other characters, because it’s more than a book about zombies, it’s a book about humans first of all.

I recommend this book to the Zombie books fans out there!

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