Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood

Kendra Larkin is out heroine and the story starts while she was on the operating table after falling off a cliff. She hears everything that’s happening, but cannot move or see, and then she dies, but to our astonishment and hers, two guardian angels, hers and doctor’s Adam Chamberlain offer her a deal: in order for her to live again, she has 7 days to make Dr Adam believe in God, she agrees and from here our story goes on.

Until here I was intrigued and I liked the premise. After this interesting start, things go downhill for me, as a reader. One of the things that I didn’t understand, is why so much trouble just for a soul? We never figure it out why the soul of that doctor is so important as you sacrifice another soul, Kendra’s soul.

Then the author explains too much of our character from the beginning and treats us like we’re idiots who don’t know what a friend with benefits, sex buddy and/or no strings attached means and feels compelled to explain to us. And what’s up with the questions towards the reader? WTF?

Then she recovers oh so miraculously and finds out Adam is her soul mate, but meanwhile she has the hots for Mason, a nurse in the hospital, while she wants to get in the pants of her really hot guardian angel? Wait.. slow down, what? Oh, there’s more! Mason is a demon and tried to kill her and she truly falls in love with Adam while her fuck buddy tries to tell Kendra he loves her, but she almost ends up having sex with the guardian angel?

*Give me a gun, I wanna shoot the twat in her boobs at this point!*

The plot is absolutely hilarious, the sex scenes feel like Sandra Brown reborn and how much of a possibility is that 4 Very Attractive Men drool over her? Gimme a break! How could anyone believe in God while your angel can fuck you? No offense but that’s just bloody weird.

The characters have no depth, no insight, no spine, they bend as the author wants them to, they have to fit the story, to make happen this fantasy of the author!

And since when just doing some mundane things the same way means that you found your soul-mate? I’m a bit confused of how the number of spoons of sugar in a coffee means you found The One?

I did love one thing: the cover! The cover is absolutely brilliant! Pity that the book doesn’t deliver.

 Save my soul or please god kill me know this book is horrible!

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