Jet by Russell Blake

Twenty-eight years old Maya lives in a quiet island, running a business when she’s attacked by mercenaries, paid men to kill her and after she escapes, she needs to know why. But knowing, means bringing Jet back, leaving her new acquired life behind and be the same old killer machine.

She used to be Mossad’s best operative until she died in a car explosion, but apparently someone knew that she still walked the world and wanted her silenced; someone from her past. People like her always had strong, powerful enemies. Now Jet has to travel the world and track her old colleagues in order to find the truth and the man that she loves.

It’s a fast paced novel, packed with wit, action and sprinkled with romance and childhood trauma and fans of the genre will love it; I know I did. The characters are well-rounded, created to get out of the page and perform in front of you! Russell’s skill in portraying the characters is brilliant. The writing is clean and with no-bullshit and flowers, while it keeps you on the edge, toe-curling with suspense.

It’s a five-star book and I would recommend it to anyone. The plot, the writing, the characters are so good that you’re not going to have enough. Luckily, Jet is only the first book. 😉

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