Cinderella is Evil

Cinderella is Evil by Jamie Campbell is a 30 pages kindle story published in March 2013 and it tells the story of Anna, the ugly stepsister. The story offers a good premise, an enticing new perspective of the classic Cinderella story, but it fails to portray the scenario and characters in any way likeable or believable. 

First of all, we have our Anna, who’s the ugly stepsister who in comparison with beautiful Cinderella, she feels far more uglier. But this Anne lacks any kind of conviction, strength and drive, she constantly whines over her appearance, of why she can’t be beautiful and desired. The character is dull, just reacts to whatever is thrown in her  way (usually by fleeting) and the only thing she manages to do right is be submissive to anyone around herself. Too much self-pity for my liking, too much whining for a short story main character. I couldn’t relate and like her at all, and not because of the original story, but because this one was so poorly written that lacked the conviction to make me succumb to the charm. 

The writing is unconvincing. The author tries to find excuses and reasons to why Cinderella is in the kitchen, to why Cinderella does the hard labours and that reason is: she wants it, she likes it. Seriously? Is the author really saying that a character that has beauty and charm, someone as shallow as this Cinderella would rather labour around the house instead of acting shallow and using her beauty to her advantage? Yup, that’s what’s happening. Plus that, Cinderella doesn’t do anything actually… evil! Shallow, yeah, perhaps, but this Cinderella is not evil. 

I thought I would have a bit of something dark and twisted, something that would tingle my sense, but instead I found the story, dull and unconvincing, with an ending that made me cringe and poke my eyes out. Pity for the cover, because I truly like it! 


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