Lovers at Heart

“TREAT BRADEN didn’t usually charter planes. It wasn’t his style to flash his wealth , but tonight he needed to be anywhere but his Nassau, Bahamas, resort— and missing his commercial flight had just plain pissed him off.” – this is the opening line for  Lovers at Heart by Melissa Foster (Love in Bloom: The Bradens, Book 1)

Treat is a tall guy, you can spot him anywhere because of his manly-manhood, his biceps flex and he tenses, alone or with Max, 31 times in the book and his look can pin you down and make your legs, brain and everything you’ve got into mush.


Max, short for Maxine, is the woman he meets at his resort in Nassau and instantly falls for her, though falling wouldn’t be a good word… rising would be a better one since in this book love is quantified in how quickly he gets an erection and her dampness. Well, anyway, he sees Max and this time, he wants her, he realises he actually has feelings for her that he tried to suppress for 6 months.

Now, the thing is, when they first met, she went out on a date with this Justin and Treat assumed, when she saw her in the same dress the next morning, that she slept with him. He gets all jealous and looked at her like she was “cheap and slutty” but didn’t say anything to her and she all froze in place because of that, shocked and scared like a drowning kitty.  Even now, after 6 months, she would tense when looking at him, remembering that “slut” stare he gave her.


He tried to seduce her and woe her into his life because he realises how much he loves her, but she wouldn’t binge, because of that stare. And when finally in the bedroom (after doing quite some, ahem, stuff) with him on top and she enveloping him in a very Sandra Brown way, she remembers the stare and freezes underneath him and kicks him out, then asks him to drive her to her car. Wait, what? You start having sex with the guy and then you figure out you actually had to talk about your issue? The stare issue. HA Ha hA!

kill me now
kill me now

They stared 41 times in this book so I’ll make it quicker, I promise.

Then he manages to take her out for dinner and tells her everything he feels and why and she panics again, not actually knowing if to believe him or not, but runs. Again! Seriously, this girl needs to learn how to stand her ground. Anyway, then she realises in the morning she loves him and tries to contact him, but he left!

Bummer! What did you think would happen? The guy told you if you read that letter to go after him and you went to bed. Bitch, please!

But she finds the address of his ranch and meets the family who instantly adores her. She meets the brothers and they’re 

imagesall some sort of version of Treat and she decides to fly to this town she’s never been before, without even booking herself a hotel with the hunch that he might be there and of course, not even having his address! I suppose she really did count on fate! 

And then everything escalated to melodrama when she saw him being kissed, on the cheek (!!!) by a hot blonde and she just crumbled, being a drunken mess when he comes and saves her by taking her to his kingdom (cottage) and being her slave.


Then more melodrama, more booze and I was poking my eyes out with a fork, feeding them to the ducks. Even Treat was annoying as fuck with his flexing muscles and being such an annoying fucker who licked the ground where she walked. I understand love, I understand deep feelings, but this was absolutely hilarious and made absolutely no bloody sense! Wake up people!!!

Flat characters and a story supported by an erection and flexed muscles. It makes no sense. We’re all fools in love, but these people are so insecure that it makes me want to throw up. I think I forgot to mention that he was almost 40!!! Yeah, 40 and acting like Edward Cullen in Twilight, moping after an insecure, irrational creature.

Happy reading!

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