The Harbringer Break by Zachary Adams

As I promised, I would read random  books that people would request for me to review and this is the first in a series to follow. I picked this book from a huge pile of emails and I was instantly  curious as I read the blurb and when I am curious that’s always a good thing. But things got better for me…

I would say that it is really the story of Pat Shane (Patches), a genius with a killer theory that the aliens that NASA discovered on Europa, Jupiter’s moon, are currently living among us and planning to take us down. The spies are among us, surveying us, spying on us for the most effective way of destroying us. Patches though, he wants to show them that we can fight back, that we are a force to be reckoned with and make them go away with each blood that’s shed to eradicate them for the good of humanity.

Or I could say it’s the story of Chris Summer, the newly promoted FBE agent (Federal Bureau of Eugenics) who’s role is to stop a highly delusional patient who killed his psychiatrist after escaping a secure facility. And he will stop at nothing to have Patches dead. Summers knows that the only way to stop him is to kill him, that there’s no way around it, for the sake of humanity.

But it’s not their story. Is the story of person next door and how can each of them deal with the consequences, ethics and problems of a silent alien extinction, when everybody could be one of them and faith of the whole planet is on each of them shoulders.

What I love about the book is that it’s not a story about them (aliens), it’s a story about us and the conflicts of a new world. A world who faces dangers coming from far away, from a far better prepared civilization. It’s the dilemma of the man put face to face with a situation which he has no exit but to act, one way or another. It’s the  blood, tears and sweat of those willing to die or kill for their country and a passion for survival. The Harbinger Break exposes the fears, beliefs and primal instincts of the human.

I also loved slow-minded Sam who proved to be such a driven charter, even if he had to cross paths with Shane in order to realise that he had the power to inflict change and be a hero. And then it’s the incredibly sexy Claire who has the most important men at her feet and others ready to kill for her. Claire who shared a track record with Sam and Patches at GenDec (Genetic Decontamination Centre) proves to be much more than meets the eye and this trio of forces is fatal since their existence is conditioned by the death of the other one in order to maintain the equilibrium of their lives.

I said it before and I will say it again: jumping from story to story and different point of views are not my thing since I don’t feel the story as I should. The Harbinger Break  changed that one for me. The writing is so well executed that I was constantly torn in my allegiance. Such a breathtaking story that I promise you that you’ll never forget. Zachary Adams is a master of the craft and I am honestly surprised to find such a gem.

I LOVED THE STORY! I loved it that much that I had to bloody use capital letters to write a sentence. Great story, amazing, vivid characters, good writing and tons of talent and a promising new writing coming into the scene to sweep me off my feet. I will keep my eyes on Zachary and hunt for his future books which I urge him to write with the same passion and dedication.

The book can be purchased on Amazon here: The Harbinger Break The Harbinger Break

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