LZR-1143: Infection by Bryan James

LZR-1143: Infection is THE Zombie novel to read if you are a fan of the genre!  I don’t just like this guy’s writing, I absolutely love it!

Mike McKnight (ha!), and ex-action movie star is a mental patient at the high security facility after he was convicted of brutally murdering his wife. More than a year passed since they locked him in there and one morning he wakes up from his normal stupor, the door to his room open and nobody in sight. But he is not alone. From deep within the darkness, something hideous comes out in search for flesh.

Soon after his encounter with the first flesh-eater, Mike finds himself in the company of a young female psychiatrist and some other inmates, my favourite being Fred. This forms an off pair in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by Zombies. They manage to escape the institution and facing more and more dangers in their quest for food and safety while their numbers fall short as the ravaging infection takes over.

I loved the style of the book and the fact that the story is shown through the eyes of Mike’s character. I liked the witty banter and the way the writer decided to express himself and keep me on the hook.  Also the fact that the main character was a hunk with a memory loss and prosecuted for murder makes him unique and entertaining, especially when people, the few ones still alive, recognise him.

There isn’t much character development, but I think it sort of like makes sense since half of the book the guy is unsure if it’s real or not, but there is some emotional evolution happening there; at least he is not a shallow, boring guy. Then we have the psychiatrist girl, Kate who’s as badass as you can get without being over the top. She’s a tough girl, keeping on top of the situation and thinking things through without rushing in the dark in her knickers and no weapon… She has the brains and the faith to see through our convict here and supports him in his quest to find the truth to what happened and the possibly a cure that can safe humanity of this disease.

And then it’s Fred and man, I loved this guy so badly, that I almost cried after the helicopter scene! Fred is another inmate, admitted in there after he witnessed his father bashing his mum’s brains with a pan at breakfast and he’s not talkative, not at all, all he says, is “Pancake!” There’s this scene when this zombie attacks Mike and almost bits him and Fred hits the zombies head with the pan so hard that brain and gooey things fly everywhere whilst he’s screaming .. “Pancake!” I laughed so hard at that scene.  I admire how he managed to create these memorable characters that stick with you for a long time.

There are also gruesome action scenes and moments that are eye-rolling, characters that make you scream in frustration and cars that just stop working! As a whole, this book is highly entertaining and I truly loved the way the story was sewn around the characters.

I am looking forward to reading his next zombie book and find out what happened with Lazarus…!

PS: You can get the book on Amazon: LZR-1143: InfectionAt the moment the book is free on the Amazon UK website.

Brian James on Twitter @lzr1143

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