The Last Infection: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller by Michael W. Garza

I already stated that, I do love Zombies. Now I also love Michael for this fucktastic fabulmic book that’s The last infection. Seriously, where was this guy hidden until now? I consider myself utterly lucky for having the chance to read his book.

Two siblings, the girl Alicen, 8 years old, and Jake, 12 years old, are hiding from a group of the infected which all they want is a piece of their flesh. They lay hidden under a truck and their parents were trapped on the other side, not able to aid them. It takes one yelp from the scared girl for the horde to react and follow the source of the delicious sound of the living. They manage to get away but their parents were not so lucky.

Chris is an ex drug addict who somehow managed to stay alive 8 months after the outbreak. Detroit swarmed with the infected and zombies alike but he managed to steal food during the day to keep himself from starving. He encounters the two whilst searching for food and without him wanting to, they end up buddying up.  Later we meed Jenn who becomes the heart and soul of their mismatched team, the one that glues them together despite Chris’s aversion to working with others.

I loved these characters. Each unique, with deep emotional connections and different backgrounds, united by the same goal: to stay alive and migrate to Catalina, a seemingly safe zone, an island where the children’s aunt and uncle live. But to get there they must survive the zombies and the infected. As flesh-eating-living-deads aka zombies are not enough, the author throws in the infected: smarted, quicker and much more dangerous.

I liked what he did with this story as it’s more than just a zombie novel, is an insight to what happens with humanity in the brink of chaos and the choices that different individuals take. It’s  brilliantly brutal this book as some of the people they meet are worse than the walking dead themselves. I hated Mr Walker with a passion hard to put into words. I was either in love with his characters, hating them or utterly frustrated, but never indifferent. There’s a lot of character development and you get to know the characters in-depth. Instead of just focusing on the post-apocalyptic world, Michael wanted to show the people of this new world and I appreciate that as it adds so much flavour.

Even when they were moments when I rolled my eyes to how the characters manage to reunite, I was pleasantly surprised that he clarified that in the story so it made sense and not just getting the feeling of it just being a gigantic coincidence.

After reading his book I got the feeling of a writer that indeed writes with his heart, his passion, but thinks with his brain and so I could be a satisfied reader at the end of the book. I am impressed and I want to know what happens next as he didn’t left me satiated!

For me is a 5/5 stars book as I enjoyed it immensely!

PS: If you want to buy his book, you can do so here on Amazon uk: The Last Infection: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

You can get in touch with him here:


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