At last by Alice Bello writing as Ella Stone writing like a stone.

19498554Are you fucking kidding me? Why in the name of all that’s holy did you write this book with this characters in this setting that makes no bloody fucking sense? This is by far the worse book I have ever read in my entire life and that includes 50 Shades of Grey which compared to this is a masterpiece. 

Main character is Susan and she is left close to the altar and from here thing go down. Having your to-be husband giving you a note that he doesn’t want to be your husband any more must be shit and I can’t even wrap my head around it and I do sympathise with her. I’m a woman, duh!

But that’s the whole idea, for me to be sorry for her being a bitch to her best friend and acting like a two year old that doesn’t get the toy when she doesn’t even know what’s she is really asking for. So let me rewind… 

She gets dumped and goes into a catatonic state, much like Carrie in Sex in the city. Susan wakes up in this posh hotel, the honeymoon hotel, smelling pizza delivered from Pete’s Pizza in New Hampshire by FedEx – the best pizza delivery service in the world. Anyway, she finds out that her best male friend, Kevin was sent with her on holiday since her Best Friend Forever Liz was busy doing… doing something? 

But Kevin is a hunk now, all hot and muscles, totally different from the boy she knew in college. She always love him like a brother because he looked like a dork and behave like one. He was her favourite puppy to step on. So now she discovered he can make her go tingly down there just by mentioning an erotic book she used to read in school, but she still wants to step on him because somehow she has slavery and friendship mixed in her head.

Then she cries a bit to Liz over the phone and is advised by Best Friend Forever to go get a fuck to get over her never to be husband. Instead of going out and fishing in the very odd pool of male entities out there, she goes the easy and goes to Kev, who loved her in secret all these years, asking him to have sex with her so that the pain will go away. He get verbally abused by her and he walks away and she crumbles in pieces.*Face-palm!* I’m gonna spoil it for you and let you know that they do have multiple orgasmic sex day and night after that. 

Every other character in the book existed only to push Susan either in his arms or away from his arms. Who the hell is this insecure, brainwashed creature who thinks that everything belongs to her and because she is Susan and he’s her best friend he should have meaningless sex that’s not so meaningless to him. For fuck sake, hasn’t she ever looked and him and see him being in love with her since everyone out there knew that?!!!!! Are you blind? I literally was annoyed by this character so much that I wanted to put myself in the story and give her a wake-up slap. That’s why I felt so good when Liz did just that to Susan! Yess 

Then it’s poop puppy hunky Kev since he didn’t get over her since college, but even if he’s hotness emerged, his balls refused to appear since he repeatedly lets himself  moved around by Liz and Susan and anybody else who wants something from him in this book. A guy who can’t say no to anybody, but somehow he is a very successful architect and hunker extraordinaire. 

Liz, Best Friend Forever and self proclaimed bitch who gives advice about relationships when her only relationship is the one with her dildo and various penises that aren’t mentioned in the book. She also states a couple of times she would part her legs for Kev. Liz who decided to fly all the way to Colorado just to hit Mark’s balls and revenge her friend. Really? Are you for real? Obviously not. 

This is a book of Susan’s laments and shows us how a man and a woman shouldn’t be. Also they shouldn’t have sex and endanger us all by having children. *Shudders* The book obviously doesn’t stop there, but the rest of it is even more stupid. At last this book finished and it took me two weeks to have the courage to review it as I needed some time to recover. 

I’ve been asked quite recently why I would read a book with a title/cover like that since it sort of screams bad writing. I read books that have the potential to be bad because 1. makes me appreciate much more a good book with a strong plot and beautifully crafter characters and 2. there are things to learn from bad books that you cannot learn from the good ones and 3. you never know what you get and it happened to be absolutely surprised, not many times, twice, but it was enough, but that’s another story. 

It’s an insult to other books to give it 1 star…

And if you want to go against all common sense like I did, you can find the Kindle version on Amazon here: At last.


Ps: No wonder why the writer changed name when republishing the book… 

One thought on “At last by Alice Bello writing as Ella Stone writing like a stone.

  1. “interesanta” carte… si da, se mai intimpla sa nimeresti una proasta.

    Pe de alta parte, ce s-a intimplat cu linkedin? Am observat ca pur si simplu ai disparut. Si sint curios sa aflu de ce, n-am zis si n-am facut nimic in ultimele luni, nici bine, nici rau. Vreau sa reluam legatura, cumva.


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