Love, Jane

*credit to the author*

I can’t even come up with a decent title for this. My mind is everywhere and I can hardly focus on much at the moment. One step at a time.

I’ve been missing this blank page a lot and all of you. I am now at University, started it in October, finally doing my Master degree in Forensic Psychology as I always wanted, but that doesn’t give me time for much. Most of my writing is university related and I haven’t read as much as I wanted lately. Though I managed somehow to ready, twice, Vampire Academy series (all 6 books) and I fell in love with them and the characters, but that’s another story.

Still not sure of what I want to say, but this my promise of coming back. I am really stressed out at the moment and I can see more white hair that I’d like and in about a month I’ll age another year. But I will come back and I’ll not go, even if that means that I have to actually keep a schedule for it. Just wanted to let you guys that I am fine and I haven’t forgotten. No matter what, the heart never forgets. 😉

I missed you guys and your support. Wish you a late, but Happy New Year!



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