The forever girl by Rebecca Hamilton

Book cover
Book cover

“My mum died during an exorcism on my eighteenth birthday. On the same day, an ever-present static moved into my head like a squatter I couldn’t evict.” 

That’s how the story starts. Sophia Parsons is 22 years old Wiccan and the town’s weirdo and a waitress. It is believed she has something to do with some unsolved murders, but that’s not her problem. Her problem is that buzzing from her head which doesn’t want to go away. One night, she performs a ritual which goes wrong. When she reads her Great Grandpa’s old books, she finds between those pages a very old document about the witchcraft trials in 1692. Elizabeth Parsons is her ancestor and a Salem Witch whose body disappeared after execution. Sophia decides that finding the truth about what happened to her ancestor and who she really was as it might be the key to stopping the voices in her head…

The start of the book was fantastic. I loved the intrigue and that sort of Carrie-hate that she had to deal with on a daily basis. Sophia gave me the feeling of a strong, independent woman; until she met Charles. They have this hot and cold Lindsay-Lohan-Facepalm-Reaction-Gif-On-The-Parent-Traprelationship which doesn’t feel real to me. After he saves her after the incident at the club, he sort of stalks her, gives mixed messages and mainly being a jerk. They move in together just so he could protect her from this evil dude. He is this immortal creature, while she is a human and her biggest issue is that he isn’t willing to give up his immortality to age with her. Really? That’s your problem? Not the fact that you are chased by this Marcus who wants you for some strange reason and weird shit is happening around you?

Also, the fact that story kept on jumping big chunks of time ahead, didn’t help with creating a believable relationship between them. I didn’t feel them as a couple and I had to urge to hit her in the head several times because she kept on behaving like a child. I get it, she feels like a weirdo with mum issues and supernatural entities all around her to make her hormonal, but bitch, you don’t keep secrets from the only people that can help you, especially from that guy who loves you.

The writing style was good. Rebecca has a way with words, it sounds and looks good. In comparison with either authors out there, she did a great job writing the book. Unfortunately, I felt like the plot lacked big time. The story starts all interesting and hinting at amazing adventures, but nothing much happens until the end. It is a long string of character interactions and moaning, especially from Sophia who doesn’t understand quite a few basic things. I don’t hate her, but I don’t like her either. I got frustrated that she constantly forgot what her goals were; “mission” more, bitch less. I felt like I was expecting her to do more, find out what was going on and start pulling the reins and control what was happening.

The world and its laws were so convoluted at some point that I did lost track of what the hell was happening. Especially since Charles or Ivory kept on dropping once in a while little bits of information, but not enough to help me understand what the hell was going on. I do applaud her for trying to spice things a little bit and say that cruors are vampires and strigoi are shape-shifters, but this made it a whole lotta-mess in my head. Especially since strigoi, in the Romanian language (and I am Romanian), refers to a sort of vampire who feeds on energy; that annoyed me a little.

I did like the action scenes and the big, awesome reveal at the end. My jaw literally fell on the floor. Probably, if the book would’ve been more condensed, it would’ve been better as I had to actually skim through some boring bits with my super-fast reading skills. I wish Sophia would’ve been a bit more hands on and take control of what was happening in her life, especially since it was clear, at least for the reader, that she had some kind of supernatural powers. Overall, I liked the book and the story, but it’s not a 5 stars books for me.

This is a fan-made trailer for the book:

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