Anna dressed in blood by Kendare Blake

9378297Anna dressed in blood follows the story of Cas Lowood, a young hunter who inherited from his father the ability to kill supernatural beings. His next job is Anna dressed in blood, a young girl who was brutally murdered in 1958 and became a deadly ghost. But Anna Korlov is different. Even if she is a murderous ghost, dismembering everyone who crosses her threshold, she spares Cas’s life when some high school jocks want to play a prank on him. Instead, she kills one of them.

This book is beautiful and breathtaking. Cas is a strong male character, full of charisma  and spark. I got fond of him from the beginning. He is only 17, but he is mature, confident and no-bullshit. After he moves to Thunder Bay to find Anna,his character is forced to evolve  and learn not only as a hunter, but also as a boy. Used to walk with the dead and travel with his white witch mother, he isn’t used to let people in, but in order to free Anna he has to learn how to trust. 

Anna herself is a strong, amazing character. She is a deadly, murderous supernatural being, but I can’t help liking her. The instant she materialises, I am pulled towards her, just like Cas will be. Her story is fantastic and every time she is around, things spice up. She might be a ghost, but she seems more alive than most people in that town. Anna Korlov is powerful, deadly and bittersweet. Anna dressed in blood is a goddess.

In this whole ghostly mess, Cas finds himself teamed up with Carmel, the Queen Bee of Winston Churchill High-school, and a skinny mind-reader Thomas. These two side characters have a voice of their own, which is something that I liked about the story. Carmel  is a beautiful, but very smart girl who’s not afraid to show what she’s made off and proves herself throughout the story. I really liked her as she isn’t a mean girl even if she is the most popular and powerful girl in school. Thomas is a bit more on the shy side, but it isn’t deterred by Cas’ attempts to ditch him and go solo like he usually did. I’d say he has balls of steel by going inside the house and saving Cas’ life.

The story is very well written, the language itself pulls you in and beckons to be read. I loved the style and lack of cliches. The story is fresh and gripping; I had the whole thing down in two days. I absolutely loved this book with all the twists and turns. The good news is that Kendare Blake wrote a sequel for it: Girl of Nightmares and I am looking forward to sink my teeth into that.

Kendare Blake became goes on my list of favorite authors!!! 

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You can find the Anna dressed in blood on Amazon by clicking here for 2.99 on Kindle.

4 thoughts on “Anna dressed in blood by Kendare Blake

  1. Thanks for reviewing! I had seen the cover of this book, which is gorgeous, but didn’t really know what the book was about, or if I would like it. It sounds pretty good; I’ll have to check it out!

    Thanks again. 🙂


  2. This sounds like a great read. I am stuck to reading on my company iphone at the moment, so am leaning more towards paperbacks. I always loved them anyway. So might have to wait before I can buy it.


  3. Hey Alex, you can find it paperback as well but I was too lazy to put the link for the paperback on amazon. I can do that later. Totally love this book. I was surprised to find it so enthralling.


  4. The cover made me buy it too.. talk about the power of a good cover. But the story is great and I am curious to see how the sequel is. I’m gonna read all her books as I like her writing style.

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