Pride and Prejudice: The Measles vaccination drama.

Somebody on the internet made this and that’s all I got to say about this whole let’s not vaccinate our children from Measles because… people.

And if you still wanna bitch about, take this (taken from here:

And I don’t have any beefs with vegans and I bet the guy doesn’t either (no pun intended?!), but this dude hits it spot on. If I could applause I would… Oh, wait.. a round of applause for this dude:

I am getting really annoyed when people all they see are conspiracy theories and how everyone is against humans and want to kill us all off. Gimme a break! And that’s why I didn’t want to write myself on the subject: 1. these people are doing it spot on and so all the credit goes to them, and 2. I really don’t fancy getting all annoyed and worked up when anti-vaxers wouldn’t listen to anything anyway. Self beliefs are almost impossible to eliminate as the person invests time, energy and emotions to fuel their beliefs. They’re not just going to change it, no matter how much proof there is and that’s a psychological fact!

Good night!

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