Fandom groups

I am a fan of two beautiful things: Sailor Moon (Anime series & Manga) and Vampire Academy (the books & movie as a guilty pleasure). I love them both so much, that I joined them up on Facebook on their little groups. And it was great! There were all those understanding people that you could talk about the series/books/movie and have a fun conversation about it, but lately some of the groups are coming up with the bright idea of not talking about the content aka spoilers.

I’m like… hellooo!!! We are here to talk about these fucking series/books/movie, what the hell are we supposed to do, post pictures of kittens? Why am I a fan in a fandom group if I cannot talk about what I want to talk?! That’s sort of why I joined in the group to talk about it and what happens and the things that get me like ‘Omg, omg, Dimitri is a strigoi… omg… he’s not a strigoi anymore!’. So talking about the content of the series/books/movie is forbidden… because a selected few don’t know the ending. Are you like joking me?

When I joined up I didn’t finish the VA series. I was on my fifth book I think and there were spoilers around and guess what, I had the option to either read it or skip it! It’s a fucking spoiler, not the end of the world as we know it! And guess what, there is a spin-off series that I didn’t read yet, however I have read all the spoilers for it and I am not annoyed of being prissy about it, I could’ve just skipped it. Same goes for Sailor Moon, I read the
manga endless times and I saw all the 200 ep series more than 3 times so of course I want to talk about the fucking story when Sailor Moon Crystal came out as it was a different ball park!

It bloody pisses me off that I can’t talk about what I like in the fandom that I belong to! Why, why? One might argue that it is unfair for those who only started. Well, let me tell you something… if you only just started, how about if you don’t join the online group if you don’t want any spoilers or if you do, just skip where there’s a spoiler, the way I did it?! How about that, so we, those who actually want to talk about the fucking story are able to, the whole fucking reason as to why we are fans in a group about the object of our admiration?! That’s why people have something called: free fucking will!

I am a fangirl, so shut the front door!

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