Awakened, book 1 by Brenda K. Davies

Book coverAs everyone knows, I am a sucker for pretty covers and so I got this book with vampires at the forefront. From the maker of Twilight and hideously sparkly creatures, how badly can you fuck up?

*** Might contain peanuts and spoilers***

In this book, Serendipity is is the leading lady and when I say leading lady I fucking insult a lot of great women, so I retract that. Serendipity, or Sera, is one of Bella Swan’s multiple personalities and happens to meet this guy at a frat party and … Kaboom! love at fucking first sight. They don’t even talk and she’s consumed by these intense feelings towards a very handsome, and strong, and very manly man. Shallow much?! However, in this book we get to see what he is thinking as well, so we find out she is smoking hot, extremely shy and apparently oblivious that men are horny around her because of her sexiness. Are you really fucking joking me at this stage? A few pages after she tells him that she was crowned prom queen and she was a very popular girl in school, say what?! I understand that she is skittish around men because she was nearly raped by her boyfriend and nobody believed her, but she still knew she was beautiful as she was crowned a frigging queen at prom! That’s not just how it works. And on the same note, it is really hard for me to believe that a whole town, included her father, did not believe she was almost raped because the guy was quarterback (or something) in the football team, and said that she was actually in a car accident, and she was lying in order to ruin him. This does not even make sense! I am pretty sure that the Police can rule that out in less than half an hour and a nurse can confirm that those wounds she had on her body were consistent with attempt of rape. If you’re a writer, do your fucking homework and give me more believable shit that I can relate to, because until now you managed to piss me off really badly with these characters.

Another thing that it’s pissing me off, is their relationship. Like they meet about 15% in the book and they’re already in lovevampires-2 after three weeks of knowing each other and have sex at 30%. Yes, this book features sex scenes which look like a monkey trying to imitate Sandra Brown. Arrrrgh!!! By this time I am already fucking bored out of my mind and I’m wondering when the fuck will he reveal himself that he’s a vampire because the title suggests it, so he’d better be. We get the big reveal halfway down the book when our damsel is in distress after a lot of drama and love triangles that are not even triangles. The guy who tried to rape her in college is back to finish the business. Long story short, he cuts her throat, the vampire Liam saves her, kills the baddie, and then sucks him dry. She is obviously just lightly wounded, survives the ordeal, then he tells her what he really is, she decides that after three weeks of knowing him, and Liam lying to her twice already, she is safe enough to stay with him and love him because…lady boner?

4FX9p0tSay whaaaat? This is where I stopped. This book pissed me off so badly, especially with these scenes where she was always calming him like beauty and the beast. Just stop it already, OK? I am really fed up with this stories where love is pre-destined and she can tame the beast from within him because the power of boners is strong. Also, in this book so far, every single character is beautiful as a model. I am not freaking joking! Examples on describing Kathleen: She was a little plump, but most of her weight rested in her overwhelming chest.; on describing Michelle: She wore little makeup, but she didn’t need much to illuminate her refined features and startling beauty.; describing Sera: The girl was beautiful.; describing Liam: He was by far the most gorgeous man that she had ever seen […] he became the only thing that she could see, the only thing that she could feel. Why do all of these characters have to be over sexualised? I get it that is 18+, but this is books is an excuse for poor porn and it makes me want to be violent towards my tablet and wall.

The interaction between characters is flat and fake. Also the writing itself is atrocious! This is an orgy of adjectives and pronouns. For example, the opening paragraph: Shoving a loose strand of her blond hair aside, Sera balances her books in her arms as she searches for her keys. Finally locating them in her cluttered pocket, she pulled them free and slid them into the lock. Bumping the door open with her hip, she muttered a curse as the force of it knocked her precariously balanced books free. I can also say that this book couldn’t been a hell lot shorter! If this is the end product, I wonder how this looked before she even had an editor…

I am so disappointed in this story. It’s not like I had high hopes for it anyway, as I realized from sentence one that it would not be surprisingly delicious, but at least better than what it actually is, if that makes sense. I can even argue and say that Twilight is a far better story. It is impossible not to compare as these are both within the same target audience and genre.

I will not finish reading this book, I will stop it there, halfway, and leave it at that. The plot was so poorly done that I actually feel like the book concluded. There is nothing that I would wish to know further. We would probably find out in Breaking Dang that she is expecting and will be a bloodsucker as well, however I am fine without reading anything else written by this author. I would rather read S. Meyer, she has better characters.


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