Die for me – Amy Plum (Revenant 1)

9462812“Would you risk your life for me?” The book follows Kate who suddenly becomes an orphan.  Kate and her sister move to Paris to leave with their grandparents. Unlike her sister, Kate is deeply consumed by grief and prefers to hide herself in novels and museums. That is until she meets gorgeous boy Vincent, clouded in mystery and darkness to lure her in. From now on things should become more interesting.

***The following may contain spoilers and nuts! Proceed with caution!*** 

I loved the beginning of the story, the way her grief was portrayed and how she was struggling to adjust to her new life. After she meets Vincent , the tone somehow changes and as their relationship develops and we get the big reveal, I was somehow disappointed. My disappointment has nothing to do with the fact that this is not a vampire novel, but everything to do with the fact that it tried so hard not to be a vampire novel. On the same note, I am super-super confused about the lore. It was never explained to me how some people die and “just” become immortal. Some theories were thrown around, but not fully developed so I was still left unsatisfied. This story left me hanging.

The relationship between the two main characters as lovers was originally based on the same old instant-crush which imagealmost made me gag. When is this thing ever going to end in YA novels?! Can’t we just have people meeting and falling in love the normal way without any instant-crush? It’s getting old already!  When I started reading this novel I thought that I found a gem, however I was quickly disappointed by the direction the story took. The characters were not properly defined and too many cliche characters and scenes where thrown around. Also, the guy is so gorgeous makes my stomach flip! Do we actually have to have every single cliche? Why can’t he be just normal? Why does he have to be abnormally hot when he is already immortal? I just can’t deal with this shit anymore. I am FED UP with BEAUTIFUL characters on the outside which we don’t get to know much. I want to give a fucking shit about them, not assess their physical appearance. Is it more “love” if characters are beautiful? Is this saying that if you’re less than than you don’t get to experience love?

3005_jackie-chan-meme-whyIn addition to this, the story lacked any real action. There was a constant “I want you – I don’t want you” which gave me a whiplash. Nothing much happened after the “big” reveal, but these awkward scenes and lines that I could quote from other YA novels that I’ve read in this life. I will strongly encourage writers to read before writing, it can do wonders! 

I am very annoyed with this story because it had potential and the writing didn’t suck! Yeah, the writing didn’t suck, but the plot did! I can understand that it is not an action novel, however I cannot stand too much moping in one sitting; what I’ll do, is skip through irrelevant passages directly to the dialog if you do not keep me hooked in and be adamant on trying to explain me shit. I have a brain and I can think for myself and figure out what and why it happened. Writers lately have this idea what readers are dumb people who only read beer bottles. Dear writer, thank you for involuntarily making a negative statement on my intellect! Duck you all!

I will give this one 2.5 stars because the writing didn’t suck, however the plot did. Oh, I also loved the cover! 😉 I’am a sucker for good covers as you all know.


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