Book club reading – April

For April in my new book club we were reading Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar which was hrrat because I am a huge fan of her poetry. 

Plath’s writing is witty, contemplative, and introspective and I loved it.  I felt a profound connection with the main character and thoroughly enjoyed being in her head. I loved the definite way in which she pulled me in the vortex of her emotions, in the tendrils of her mind. I tend to hate flashbacks, but Plath’s technique was so subtle, it was more of an evocation, a quick glimpse to reveal something utterly fundamental, always for a reason. You can feel the poet in Plath whilst reading The Bell Jar and this is not a bad thing. 

If you have not read Plath’s novel I urge you to do it, although if you feel it’s not the right time wait until you’re ready as she will not disappoint. For some stories is best to wait, and this is one of them. I firmly believe that in order to read it and ‘get it’ one needs to be able to immerse oneself into Plath’s world and thus is not always an easy task as her words have power.

I would also encourage my readers towards her poetry.  Daddy is my all time favourite poem, then Lady Lazarus is a very close second.  If you read her poetry, which one is your favourite and why? đŸ˜‹

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