Wonder Week Readathon Blog challenge with bookish prize

Good Morning everyone!

How is day three of the WWReadathon going on? I am slightly behind as I was very busy on Friday and had some unexpected trips to do yesterday as well, but I am at home most of today and tomorrow so plenty of time to catch up. I finished last night Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon and I am completely in love. A full review will follow soon.

As you know, the Wonder Week Read-a-thon features reading sprints on Twitter, and I am raising the bar a little higher today by adding more twists, but we also have Blog challenges. Rimpsy Reads has challenged you guys to cast the main characters in the book you are reading; for more details head over to her blog here.

My game was thought to be purely for fun and all entries will be featured on my blog and I will decide the winner after Wonder Week; the winner will receive a small bookish token as prize. The deadline for submissions is the end of the Read-a-thon.


Rules of the Game

  1. Read!
  2. Find one character from one of the books for the WWReadathon…
  3. And either pick another character from another WWReadathon TBR book or from a book you already read…
  4. And have them marry or duel each other.
  5. Submit a link to your blog post in the comments down below so I can read them; you can also follow my blog to keep up with the updates!

You have complete control on how you want to do this; you can either write it like a short story, or as simple giving us an overview of the who, why, where and how – the crazier, the better!

Please let me know if there is something unclear or if you want more information and I hope Wonder Week has been as exciting for you at it is for me!

Happy reading,


Jane 💋





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