Harry Potter inspired AMBITION box ~ an unboxing

IG: Jane_Kelsey


To say that I was over the moon when I received this box is the understatement of the year. I was extremely lucky to win a giveaway from EvilQueen and NestingZone, which included a bookmark from LexyOlivia. Besides their amazing products they are amazing human beings as well, so thank you very much for this box! I am extremely grateful to have received it.



So what did I receive?

☣The most amazing smelling candle ever and an essential oil roll on potion from @EvilQueen
☣A luxury soap and a bath bomb from @nestingzone (both smell delish!!), and
☣A Slytherin bookmark from @lexyolivia.
🤗Their items are also handmade with lots of love and sass, they’re vegan and cruelty free!🤗

INSTAGRAM: Jane_Kelsey

Honestly guys, I am sold! My most favourite item was the Ambitious candle…

IG: Jane_Kelsey








That was until I used the magical bath bomb cauldron…


💌The Slytherin in me is in total bliss! I love everything, including the packaging which is amazing! The little cards and notes insides made my day and I can see the effort they’re putting in these boxes! 😍😍😍

Doesn’t it all look great guys?! Let me know in your comments down below and please check them out as they’ve got a lot of awesome stuff!




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