#BookReview: Firebolt by Adrienne Woods

33379357The first thing that attracted me to this book was gorgeous cover and the promise of dragons. You guys know me, I love a gorgeous cover and dragons!

The story starts with the main character, Elena, going on the run again with her father when they are attacked by… dragons! Things happen, and she ends in a strange place called Paegeia where more things should happen…. However, they don’t.

*This book was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

The Characters

I did not get a grasp of the characters, who they are and where do they come from. There was no character development whatsoever. The romance between Elena and the love interest was so sudden I could not, for the life of me,understand what she loved about him besides his hot kisses. The only time spent together was at the cafeteria and making out. That’s it. And shrieking or crying.


Oh, and everyone was gorgeous! There was this occasion when her boyfriend introduced her to another male and she instinctively through he was gorgeous and hot. Every male she encountered was hot and wanting her except for tall, dark and handsome Blake… *sigh*. Do we have to make ALL characters gorgeous to the point of perfect?

Then there was the writing…

I haven’t seen so many errors in a published novel in a very long time and the writing itself was tedious and felt flat. The descriptions didn’t work for me either, they were simply… lifeless. The was a lot of information dumping; pages and pages were the author just throws a lot of information to the reader without attempting to address them to a context and it was difficult to read. Each character that Elena was used to dump information. No, just no. Thank you.


Then there was the plot…

From start until 50% when I DNF-ed this book, nothing ever happened plot-wise, just a lot of teen drama and information dumping. Not one real fight, not one attempt from Elena to find out what happened with her father and why! Yes, she cried on a few occasions before going to bed and was tearful when she remembered his jokes, but that was it. She was vehement about staying at the Draconia Academy and study, although she so often complained about the studying, and was more interested to make-out with the gorgeous boyfriend. I was so frustrated with this that I had to stop as there were hours left to read on my kindle and couldn’t… Just couldn’t. I must also mention that the story felt extremely predictable and I can bet my money that I guessed the end.

This book could’ve been good if it would’ve had a plot and more life-like characters that I could root for. I am extremely disappointed to say that I did not like what I have read, although I did like the beginning scene which hooked me right in. That’s the one thing that I liked and kept me reading, waiting for something that sadly never came.


1 star

What was the most recent book that you read and did not like?




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