Romantic February~ A Wrap-Up

Hello booknerds! Hope you good! I had an insane February month! I’ve been a bit AWOL as I have been very busy with personal matters, but now I have a lot more time, so good to be back. Although I have been busy in February, I still managed to find plenty of time to read. Most of my reads have been pure romance reads because 1. I was in the mood, 2. it was the perfect de-stresser to a very stressful month!


So without further ado, let’s see what I read:

~ read 10 books: 3 paperbacks, 7 e-books
~ average rating 3.5🌟
~ 3426 pages read~ Highest rated books: 5🌟 The Witch’s Tear & The Witch’s blood by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr. I love this series! (Don’t forget to check out my giveaway for The Witch’s Kiss).

First book I finished reading was Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas and I gave this 3.5 🌟. The beginning was so slow, I wanted to punch this book through a wall, however midway things started happening and I struggled to put it down. Again the lack of communication and implied baddasery was hilarious (not in a good way), but the book, especially after 50% was better! A lot better!

Then I read a lot of romance; thank you Mills and Boons for existing! I’m shameless in admitting that I love reading these kinds of books. They relax me and the angst is my favourite part, so yeah! Some were better than others, so my ratings are as follows: ~Eligible greeks 3.5 🌟 ~ Redeeming the playboy 2.5 🌟 ~ Valtez’s bartered bride 3 🌟 ~ The secret child & the CEO 2 🌟

33259027The Dutchess deal by (Girl Meets Duke #1) by Tessa Dare was a really fun, enjoyable romance read. The main characters were funny, witty and charming and I enjoyed their interaction. The plot was quite simple, but somewhat believable as Emma was not the kind of girl to just roll with it, she was clever and knew what was in her best interest, and marrying the duke was. There were some scenes that were a tad ridiculous like the scene with the cat when it attacked the duke. He also seemed to have overplayed the emotionally scarred dude role up to some point when this got better. Overall, this was a great fun, enjoyable read and I have this  4 🌟 as it was one of my favourite purely romantic books in a very long time! Also…. this cover!!!!

What have you read in February? Did you feel the romance? Any good recommendations?

BTW, I am totally obsessed with this glass from Enchanted Fandoms (link Here). I am absolutely obsessed since she made it for me for my birthday.



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