Maybe TBR ~ March edition

Hello bookworms! It is Friday today and I am looking forward to start getting some planning done this weekend in my bujo; as my husband says: prior planning prevents poor performance. The March Maybe TBR needs a little bit of planning to get it accomplished because I want to read some of the books ASAP because the movies are coming out. Do you do that? Read the books before the movie is out or you’re not bothered?



I will start with GEMINA because I already finished reading this one and I totally recommend it (but more in a book review or wrap-up). I read this in 3 days as it is pretty thick, but wanted to get to it prior to the release of OBSIDIO next week.

Last night I started reading RED SPARROW, again, because I want to watch the movie soon. I only read 30 pages so I do not have much of an opinion, so far it’s ok, but a little harder to read for me.

ARTEMIS I started reading in February but haven’t continued since because the above books happened. Same with SHADOWS OF THE SAVERNAKE that I started back in January; with this one I am almost half-way and enjoying it.


THE CRUEL PRINCE reading has to happen soon as it was the January Fairyloot book and everyone has read it, and I want to get to it so I can form an opinion on it for myself. The cover reveal for the sequel has happened and it looks amazing, doesn’t it? The release for it is in 2019. Fingers crossed that I’ll like Cruel Prince.

And last, but not least, THESE LIES THAT LIVE BETWEEN US which I have received for review consideration! Thank you Kai for sending this to me. I am looking forward to read it as it sounds super interesting… twins, forbidden magic, enemies… all the good stuff!

What are you planning to read this March? Any recommendations? Please let me know in the comment box below what you think of my list and if you are as excited as I am for the release of OBSIDIO!!!!

5 thoughts on “Maybe TBR ~ March edition

  1. Oh, thank you! I hope you enjoy my WIP as well! 🤩
    I’m planning on finishing VA by the end of April, so I can start the Bloodlines series! I believe the time has come! 😏

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  2. I will try the first book and see how things will go. I don’t really like Sydney but there’s Adrian and Jill, and I really love them both.
    And OMG… I just spoiled myself about who’s gonna be Jill’s boyfriend! 😭😱


  3. That’s a quite humble TBR for you, dearie! I’m currently reading Furyborn and planning on starting rereading Spirit Bound and Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix the next week. Also, I wanna finish rereading The Infernal Devices series, so I can carry on with my annual read-along of The Shadowhunters Chronicles. And if things go as planned, I may start A Game of Thrones as well.

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  4. yes. true, quite humble, but am hoping to read it all. I tend to read on the side as well, like I started Broken moon last night, and was looking at your draft this morning so…… 😀

    That’s a mighty list! Fingers crossed it all works out. I need to finish TMI as well… and I want to restart VA as well…

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  5. I can’t bring myself to read bloodlines. Not without rose as a main..I just can’t.

    Can’t wait to dig in

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