Week 10 ~ Bookish Update (Gemina, Red Sparrow, bujo & subscription boxes)

PSX_20180311_105306.jpgHello dear reader’s family! This week has been very tiring and I felt quite under the weather, didn’t get much done overall, watched some movies after work and that was about it. Until I picked GEMINA and life as we know it was suspended as I struggled to put this book down. It was extremely clever and teared up my soul. I finished reading it on Wednesday and I continue to keep thinking about it. For me, although a tad slow in the beginning, is a solid 5 🌟- if you wanna hear more of my thoughts on it, keep an eye out for the book review I’ll do soon.

After Gemina, I decided to pick RED SPARROW, a novel written by Jason Matthews, a former CIA operative. I stared reading this on Thursday and I only read 30 pages the first night as I was too tired to function and the technicality of the writing made my head spin, but chapter 3 introduces the POV of Dominika and it started to become very interesting. I like the way he introduces the background of the characters so far, and I feel invested to continue because the character are likeable.

I’ve been so much better with my Bullet Journaling as well and I am quite proud on how I made it look like, nothing fancy, but I think that the new layout will work better for me. I also managed to make myself a blogging schedule on a very cute notepad that I bought recently. Very happy with my new courage to do things! 😁😁😁


Today, is Mother’s day, so I’ve surprised my mum with a card and flowers as in Eastern Europe we celebrate it on the 8th of March, but in UK on the 11th and she thought I forgot about it!

Screenshot_20180311-110312.jpgAlso, if you are interested, Enchanted Fandoms is running a very cool sale on her Instagram, link HERE. They have teamed up with other bookish sub boxes for a weekend full of discounts on boxes and you can grab any of those boxes for 10-15% off from each of them by using code SUPPORTABOX at checkout, so go check out her profile for more details! I think it is really cool and that different bookish boxes can support each other and I really dig this kind of friendliness!


That’s it for my weekend. I am going to continue today and read some more Red Sparrow before going out for dinner with the family! Hope you will have a fabulous Sunday and lots of love.

What do you guys think about this format of weekly updated? If you want to know more about what I am up to, check out my social media:




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