#T5W: Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy in Other Media

Happy Wednesday, bookworms! The topic today for Top 5 Wednesday is Favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy in media other than books. In the past couple of years, I’ve been reading more than watching movies, Tv shows or playing games, however I still do have some favourites of which some I’ve revisited or plan to revisit soon. You ready?

💖 Diablo II and III ~ most favourite fantasy games that I have ever played. I remember that I was over the moon happy when I managed to win a key for the beta game of Diablo III and my best friend and I played that on repeat with all the characters over and over until it officially came out. It was the first ever game that I bought as well, so yeah!

💖 Twilight ~ one of my favourite movies and I am not ashamed to admit it (maybe a little). It was the movie that introduced me to the books which in turn introduced me to ya fantasy reads.

💖 Supernatural TV show ~ I loved this TV show, I think I watched it up to season 8, but I am actually watching it again from scratch. It will be a forever favourite. I cannot say how much I crushed on Dean (and still do)!

💖 Game of Thrones Tv Show ~ Do I even need to say why? I love this show, it’s amazing!!

💖 Sailor Moon anime & manga ~ Both the anime version and the manga are extremely dear to my heart. I grew up watching it, however as an adult I came to appreciate a lot more the series and see beyond the magical girl!

What are your favourites? As you can tell, not a huge fan of Sci-fi! 😀

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