#BookReview: Kings of this world by Peter Bailey

AirBrush_20180417202751.jpg“Matthew is just trying to hold the wreckage of his life together after his girlfriend left him for another woman. A chance to review a West End play seems like a lucky break, until it turns into an X-rated nightmare. The next day London tears itself apart, people make love in the streets and kill each other over a dirty sandwich. Overnight everything changes, the city is very quiet, people smile and nod, but what they smile and nod at is only visible to them. The only other normal person is Jeremy, sarcastic, intelligent and frequently wrong. Together they form an uneasy alliance that lasts until cone shaped aliens land and begin harvesting people like wheat. The last two survivors in London begin a desperate search for a way to stop the aliens before it’s their turn, unaware that millions of people have already killed themselves to give them the perfect weapon. Will Matthew and Jeremy realize the weapon they have been given before its too late?”

This book was sent to be by Peter Bailey for review consideration. As always, my honest opinion!

If you want to read a sci-fi/dystopian novel that follows non of the usual tropes, whilst also being insightful into the human nature and funny. I definitely didn’t know what to expect, but the dystopian/apocalyptic vibe sold me. I was a bit confused to begin with and wasn’t sure of what was going on and everything seemed a bit weird especially as it did not follow the usual tropes or conventions of the genre, but I LOVED this book. It’s the kind of book that made me think of philosophical issues, whilst also being extremely fun.tumblr_osqpq9pD6Q1vl1izjo1_500

The characters…

Witnessing the end of the world through the eyes of Matthew, a character intrinsically flawed, was insanely fun, but I do not start to appreciate the beauty of this novel until Jeremy takes scene, and I am sold! The dynamic of these very different male characters forced by circumstances to live together in hopes of surviving the invasion was exquisitely crafted. These characters should not work on paper, but in the hands of their master, they bloody do and I loved them even when I wanted to shake them, I still loved them because it all made sense. There is always a motivation for everything, all written in the character gene and beautifully carried out by plot and writing.

The plot & Writing…

The plot in itself is quite simple, however the beauty of these characters, in my opinion, giphy.giflikes in it’s power to allow the characters to shine and dig deep into the complexity of human nature and philosophy rather than relying on cheap tricks. No, this book is clever, it speaks to you and then it stays with you as it makes you wonder about the questions that it tries to answer; and for this, I salute you Peter!

My only problem was that it felt too slow to start and took a while for the story to grip me and I struggled to understand some concepts regarding the aliens (although that would be more my fault than his).

I absolutely loved this book and Peter has much talent in breathing form to his characters, and I am looking forward to his next works!





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