#BookReview: HATSHEPSUT: The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt | #in60Learning

too-many-books-so-little-timeI do not have a lot of time to read non-fiction as I prefer diving into other worlds, battling monsters and slaying dragons! Escaping into another dimension take a lot of time and effort, especially when there are 200+ unread books on my shelves.

But one day Taylor from In60Learning asked me if I wanted to check out their short non-fiction books that I could read in 60 minutes!….60 minutes?!!!?? SOLD! So now I can read the non-fiction that I am interested in just 60 minutes. Cool, right?! (They now have audiobooks as well so even more amazing!!!)

Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt

Genre:  non-fiction

Year Of Publication: February 2018

Publisher: In60Learning

My rating: 5 stars

38379543So I started reading Hatshepsut, the Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt, as I was always fascinated by the Queens of Egypt.  I used to eat up this kind of stuff in high school, back when time was not of the essence.

Pharaoh Thutmose II  dies and his heir is too young to rule, so widow Hatshepsut steps up and takes the place, leaving a legacy in her 20 years of rule that her nephew Thutmose III did whatever he could to erase from history.

I really enjoyed reading this non-fiction, it was concise and to the point, without missing on the finer details and drawing me into the pages. The book was well written, with enough information to give you all of the relevant facts and missing all the fluff that sometimes creeps into non-fiction writing. c5618764e44f19db17df3ab20dd3018b

As a huge fan of Egyptian history, I felt that the book was well researched and actually teaches the reader something, bonus it being in under 60 minutes. I really enjoyed the formatting of the chapters as it kept me glued to the page, wanting to know more of what happened with her as I couldn’t remember much about her as my favourite has always been Nefertiti.

I would really recommend you check out the vast range of non-fiction they offer here. There is now an audiobook selection on Audible which I am super excited to try! Do you listen to audiobooks?




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