6 Book to movie adaptations that I am most excited for

Hello, book lovers, 2019 is the year of a lot of exciting book to movie adaptations! Which ones are you most excited for? These are some of the ones I am most excited for:

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven- I have not read this yet, but it’s not my reading list since last year and since the movie is coming out the priority just went up. Small town… unhappy teens… drama… what’s not to like?! Another Netflix movie adaptation and this is starring Justin Smith and Dakota Fanning (which I adore!).


The knife of Never letting go by Patrick Ness has been on my list for close to two years. I own the trilogy, but somehow I felt intimidated by it and didn’t yet picked it up. It will happen in 2019 as the movie titled Chaos Walking is coming out and Tom Holland (WHAAAAAAT??!?!?!) is set to play in it. #excited

Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott is a YA romance following a boy and a girl with cystic fibrosis who fall in love. Nothing can be sweeter than the clink of hearts breaking (talking about mine, of course) and I am very excited for it. The book is next in my priority as well.


Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott again on the big screen and this time starring Emma Watson… ‘Nuff said! Bring the popcorn, I’m in!

Pet Sematary by S. King should not require any kind of exposition and I am over the moon about the movie coming out. Word is that they are going to make this closer to the material source so we’re a whole world of scary here…

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn was a hit so now it will be a movie and I am very excited. On my January list of books to read because it’s right up my alley. The movie will showcase stars such as Amy Adams (I’ll watch anything she plays in), Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore. This is the story of a woman to believes that she sees a crime being committed through the window.

Are any of these books on your list? Which adaptations are you going to watch?



6 thoughts on “6 Book to movie adaptations that I am most excited for

  1. I’d love for them to go past Little Women. Louisa May Alcott wrote so many books. I’d like to see a series of movies. Start with Little Women and move forward to Little Men and Joe’s Boys, etc.


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