#BookReview: Freefall by Jessica Barry

Hello friends and HAPPY FRIDAY! How are you?! I am really happy to share with you guys a review for FREEFALL by Jessica Barry which I adored. Thank you, Harvill Secker, for providing me with a copy; I have enjoyed every single book you shared with me so far, so utmost gratitude! (My thoughts are my own like always!)

Genre: Mystery Thriller
Year Of Publication: 7th March 2019
Publisher: Harvill Secker
Pages: 368
My rating: 5 stars

PSX_20190307_212134.jpg“I will never, ever try to take up less space ever again. I will stretch these limbs of mine out wide and I will not budge, not an inch, not ever again.” – Jessica Barry, Freefall. This quote has stayed with me after the book ended. I loved how Freefall was more than just a thriller, spoke to the insecurities in all of us, especially girls and reminded me that everything is precious.
I expected a mystery thriller, but I got more. I was on Freefall from the first word on the page, sucked in between the pages with no chance of stopping myself (not that I wanted) and I enjoyed the ride.

Freefall follows the perspectives of Allie, as she is fighting for her life in the wilderness,20180314-dVrnz1MShyox506txcqN and Maggie, the mother who is mourning the loss of her beloved daughter. I really enjoyed the passages of Allie trying to keep herself alive when all hope was lost and I felt a real connection with her, getting to know her better through her current actions and well-timed flashbacks. Maggie, on the other hand, she struggles to survive in her own way knowing that her daughter is dead, however she does not give up and embarks on her own journey to find the truth. Although different in their strength and not afraid to cry, both these women were badass, strong characters that stood up on their own, learning from mistakes, trying to survive the future.

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Jessica’s writing style pulled me in and held me captive and the short chapters were a definite page-turner. Also enjoyed the fact that it had a lot more substance than I was expecting initially; it had some accurate and clever commentaries on Post-Partum Depression, society norms and values, what it means to be a woman, wealth, morality, and all the grey lines. This novel was not afraid to talk and I loved it for it.

Whilst I did see some twists coming towards the end, I was still shocked during the finale and I appreciated how it settled into a natural conclusion.

Have you read it or are you going to read it? Do you have any thriller recommendations for me?



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