#BookDiary: first 5 star read of April | 01/04/2019

Dear reader,

It is yet again Monday and with it came the first day of April. Have you pranked anyone 53923605_393414911495609_5995797373095647771_nfor April’s fools? I know I haven’t, completely forgot about it and now feels a bit too late.

If you are not following my Bookstagram, then you are missing your because I’ve been talking about my most exciting April releases. I believe April will be a great month. You can check it out here.

But today I am really excited because I got to finish reading STARFISH by Lisa Becker and I realllllly loved it. It was such a well written, cute, romance story told in alternative POV’s. I really appreciated how the romance was given time and substance to develop and the best 44097967.jpgfriend is not just a crutch to support the main character, she was funny, adorable and a really good friend. Marin and Grace’s relationship was absolute #SQUADGOALS! And this is what I wanted and needed when I picked it up to read it. I am so so so grateful to Lisa for sending me an advanced copy of it. The release of STARFISH is in May, so preorder now here. It is truly my first 5 star read of April and I am so pumped that my reading month has started so well!

The March ADVENTURE AWAITS Illumicrate book box has arrived today as well and it’s so EPIIIIC!!! You guys need to subscribe to Illumicrate because they’re awesome. I cannot wait to share the unboxing photos with you guys.

I am not going to hit the pillow. I am really tired and my shoulder is aching, I think I may have slept funny on it (nothing funny about it though!).




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