#BookDiary: A city of ghosts beneath the citadel & April TBR| 02/04/2019

Dear reader,

I managed to be extremely productive today: tidied my closet, my desk, went for a run and did some cooking and prepping for tomorrow’s lunch! #WIN

I also Finished listening to CITY OF GHOSTS by Vee Shwab on audiobook and I really enjoyed it; gave it 4 stars. I really love listening to audiobooks especially if there are not fantasy heavy (I get easily confused – this brain of mine is not made for that). Do you listen to audiobooks?

Talking about audiobooks, I would really recommend you listen to the Martha Wells series of MURDERBOT – they’re quick, snarky and funny as hell. Now going back to what I am reading right now… I started WE ARE BLOOD AND THUNDER by Kesia Lupo and continuing during my lunch breaks to read off my phone A BEAUTIFUL CORPSE by Christi Daugherty (this book has been keeping me on my toes, wishing for the lunch breaks to be longer).

I have managed to put together my April TBR and it is MASUUUUSIVE! What possessed me? I dunno. I also plan to read Aurora Rising on ebook since I got a Netgalley and fit some more audiobooks… so it’s a lot of books. Have you read any of these?


Do you think it is insane how many books I am reading at the same time? Can you cope with multiple books?





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