#BookReview: Apollo & Me by Cate Montana

Hello readers! How are you? Today I wanna talk about Apollo & Me by Cate Montana who kindly sent me a copy of her book for the purpose of reviewing it. I didn’t know what to expect from it, but I really enjoyed the writing and the journey of self-discovery.

Genre: Fiction/Romance
Year Of Publication: 07/05/2019
Pages: 428
My rating: 3.5 stars

“American author Kathryn Adams has a last-minute plan: chill out on a Greek island and recover from her latest book launch. Apollo, the devastatingly handsome ancient Greek god of wisdom and light, has an agenda he’s been cooking up for over a thousand years: Come back to Earth, obtain redemption for his betrayal of Kathryn in her previous life as a Delphic temple priestess, rekindle their love and get her to join forces with him in a desperate gamble to save humanity from the evil doomsday plot of one of his fellow gods. ” [ Goodreads]

I am a total sucker for Greek inspired stories and set in Greece; don’t know why as I’ve never been. I am usually not a fan of insta-connections, however the chemistry between Kathryn and the stranger that we later find that is Apollo, it undeniable and the moment he reveals him I felt fluffy on the inside. One way of describing their connection is to think of it as an awakening, of a sharpening of senses and acceptance.

The writing is beautiful and immersive, I felt like I was transported with them, watching both Apollo and Kathryn grow as characters, learning. I also really appreciated that Kathryn that she was older than the average of the typical romance heroine.
I am not going to lie, I also love the fact that Kathryn is an author, I love reading about characters that have something to do with the writing world. I loved her insight and the way in which she looked upon the world and her sense of humor truly made me chuckle. The plot was character focused which is what I would’ve expected from this kind of story, but I am a fiend of faster paced novels and for me it was a bit slow.

Overall, I have enjoyed this book and gave it 3.5 stars.


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