ILLUMICRATE April 2019 – Your Majesty & Descendant of the Crane | #unboxing #bookbox

So, by now everyone has received and cooed over their April Illumicrate boxes – I cannot see how you couldn’t when this box was AWESOME! Every single item in this box was perfect and Descendant of the Crane, the book fo the month, was one of the best reads of this year.

But let me show you some pictures, so you can see that for yourselves….

Now let me talk a little bit about Descendant of the Crane by Joan He because I am so full of feelings after finishing this gorgeous book. Needless to say, this was a 5 stars read for me, but what surprised me with this novel is the beauty of the writing, the unexpected twists and turns that kept on coming and the characters that feel alive in their goals and motivation against the backdrop of political instability. Hesina rises to the throne as queen and requests an investigation under her father’s murder, but things are never as they seem and this book is a journey of finding and losing oneself. The mystery, intrigue and magic blends beautifully under the penmanship of Joan He. This book was perfect for our Illumicrate Readalong on goodreads.

We need more of this world, we need more of Joan’s writing because I am a human addicted on her words.

What did you guys think of this box? Have you read Descendant of the Crane? Thoughts?

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