IMPLANT by Ray Clark | #booktour #LoveBooksGroup

Hello bookworms! It is finally my stop for the blog tour for IMPLANT by Ray Clark and I am so excited to share my thoughts with you! I had a delay in posting due to technical errors: basically my windows decided to do the longest update in history and couldn’t write it up until now, cutting in close as always, isn’t it?!

“Bramfield, near Leeds, a sleepy little market town nestled on the borders of West and North Yorkshire.Detectives Stewart Gardener and Sean Reilly discover the naked corpse of Alex Wilson, nailed to the wall of a cellar in his uncle’s hardware store. His lips are sewn together and his body bears only one mark, a fresh scar near his abdomen.Within forty-eight hours, their investigation results in dead ends, more victims, no suspects and very little in the way of solid evidence.Gardener and Reilly have a problem and a question on their hands: are the residents of Bramfield prepared for one of history’s most sadistic killers, The Tooth Fairy?” [goodreads blurb]

Suspenseful edge-of-your-seat crime thriller!

I loved Implant so much! From the get-go I was thrown into the story on a chase to find the killer of these chilling murders. Nothing is ever what it seems and twists and turns await the reader at every corner and I LOVED IT. I really felt a connection with the detectives so I was even more invested in the story as they try to find The Tooth Fairy  – no, not that Tooth fairy, but the killer who has been dubbed as such. I’ll tell you now, some of the scenes chilled me to the bone and I am used to things like that.

There was a great amount of banter between the detectives which is totally realistic and the relationship between Gardener and Reilly was very tight, I could tell that there were also old friends and a great support network for each other.

Because I am a veteran at this, I did see some twists and turns coming and what was about to happen at times, however I still really loved this novel and I couldn’t recommend it any more! The writing was great, the characters were fun, and good murders and I love a fast paced crime thriller so this was up my street. As you read IMPLANT, you can see the lever of care and research that went into it and it shines into the storytelling. Ray is definitely an author that I will be adding to my “watchlist”.

A short version of the full waiting room chapter book read from Ray Clark’s third book in the IMP series, Implant

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