LIMITED WISH by Mark Lawrence | #bookreview

Ok, wow! So mister Lawrence has done it again, surprised me when I did not think there was any way he’d manage to do it again, but here I am being proven wrong by the master of plot twists and logic. 😲😲😲😲

Genre: Scifi/Fantasty/Timetravel
Year Of Publication: 25.05.2019
Publisher: 47North
Pages: 222
My rating: 5 stars

Thank you Mark Lawrence for sending my a copy for review.

One choice. Two possible timelines. And a world hanging in the balance.
It’s the summer of 1986 and reluctant prodigy Nick Hayes is a student at Cambridge University, working with world-renowned mathematician Professor Halligan. He just wants to be a regular student, but regular isn’t really an option for a boy-genius cancer survivor who’s already dabbled in time travel.
When he crosses paths with a mysterious yet curiously familiar girl, Nick discovers that creases have appeared in the fabric of time, and that he is at the centre of the disruption. Only Nick can resolve this time paradox before the damage becomes catastrophic for both him and the future of the world. Time is running out—literally. [goodreads blurb]

From the first flick of the page you know that your mind is going to be blown away and it will be a WILDE ride. Nick is now a student at Cambridge University which comes with its share of problems, some more mundane than others (because the others involve some time travel paradoxical situations that will make your brain swivel 😲).

If you’ve read book one (and you should’ve if you’re reading this!), you are most probably already in love like me of Nick’s personality. He has been battling cancer for a very long time, but he is super clever, witty and with a wicked sense of humor. Although there are sad moments at times in this series (duh, cancer!), his outlook on life is positive and uplifting. His D&D friends are the best and a great support network for him. That circle of friendship is the best. I appreciated that it had the same feel as book one [One word kill] and it continued to be centered around Nick, his D&D friends and the new challenges they have to face.

“Strangely it was social embarrassment that kept me from crying my eyes out, shouting at the injustice of it, kicking tables over: the idea that the strangers to either side might have heard my diagnosis and even now be listening and silently judging me. How terribly British.”

― Mark Lawrence, Limited Wish

But what truly blew my mind were the plot twists intertwined with the time travel paradox. I was not able to wrap my brain that much around it, but what I did managed, I really enjoyed. I honestly I don’t know how the man can write stuff like that and constantly blowing my mind.

It is all good and dandy with the good guys, but let’s not forget the bag guys who did an amazing job. Mr Rust was one of the creepiest, I swear and somehow in my mind I pictured him with an evil laugh like Dr Evil.

I cannot wait for book 3 to be released – DISPEL ILLUSION – towards the end of the year! Impressed that he’s done it in such a way that the readers don’t have to wait ages for the release.

Have you read this series? What do you think?

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