About me

I’m a book reviewer supporting indie authors and I am currently working on a secret project. If you want to contact me for please email Jane.kelsey@outlook.com

I am also a:

•Priestess of the Spider Queen.

•Self-proclaimed GENIUS.

8 thoughts on “About me

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  1. Hi Jane, “I am so glad I stopped by your blog. I am amazed by the originality of the work. It is so unique and you have something for everyone to enjoy…gorgeous…truly amazing.” Happy to follow you!! hugs and love!!


  2. Horror writer. Psychology.

    You got me, no idea what you could do with that. Given the scariest things are those inside our own minds, the things we create for ourselves.

    Show me the scary.


  3. Hello Ms. Kelsey!
    Illustrating your reviews with gifs and memes makes for an irresistible collection of reads. Well done! Great fun!



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