#BookReview: The Cinderella Countess by Sophia James |Mills & Boon

I have been struggling lately to find that romance novel that will completely draw me in an not let me go, and finally, this book grabbed me by the heart and did not let me go. I finished reading The Cinderella Countess by Sophia James in two days. It pulled me right out of my reading slump

Genre: Historical Romance
Year Of Publication: 1 March 2019
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Pages: 288
My rating: 4 stars

41736318Abandoned as a small child, Annabelle Smith has only vague memories of her past. Now living as a healer in London’s poverty-stricken East End, she receives a life-changing visit from the rich and imposing Lytton Staines, Earl of Thornton. He needs a cure for his ailing sister and helping him thrusts Belle into his dazzling life of luxury. But it’s Lytton who makes her world come alive!”

Anabella is a strong-willed woman, quite independent for the time and outspoken. I really loved her character and her bluntness was refreshing. The Earl was classically quiet and broody and we all know he would succumb to the inevitable charm of Anabella, but their journey was captivating and entertaining.

The plot was easy to follow and the twists and turns were unexpected in most cases, but it kind of bothered me that there was simply no way for me to deduce certain mysteries as the information wasn’t artfully hidden for the reader  – this is a general beef of mine. The writing was good and I felt immersed into the time period without feeling out of my depth.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and I would recommend it to anyone in the lookout for a new swoony romance.


#Bookreview: Crimson Bite by Ben Alderson and Danielle Rose

“In the sleepy town of Hillcrest, supernaturals need not hide in the shadows…”

Goodreads blurb

Savannah Danvers broke the rules by killing a human whilst feeding. As a natural born vampire, she has certain perks, however, things get tricky when she finds herself in werewolf territory during a full moon…

George Alcott is a witch and Savi’s best friends, but even best friends can hide dark secrets in their closet, and George is not the exception. So when the town’s Elders are looking to find the truth, they need to find a way to keep these secrets buries before it buries them!

Genre: Paranormal, Ya
Year Of Publication: 25.12.2018
Pages: 300
My rating: 2.5 – 3 stars (liked it)

Crimson Bites was kindly sent for review by the author.

I have mixed feelings about Crimson bite because although I loved the concept and certain aspects of the characters, I struggled to warm up to either of the main characters and the plot was a bit thin.

Savi is a born vampire and goes against the rules and kills humans whilst feeding, something that she seems to be struggling with, however, I have not felt her truly battling with her demons. Her attitude was vastly arrogant and superior and feels bad only when she is faced with the consequences of her actions. I did warm up to her towards the end a little, but I found her overall to uncaring towards others, including her best friend and even her brother. George was far more likeable, trying to cope with the unspeakable acts his mother is making him do in the name of “justice”. I would’ve liked him even more if he would’ve stood up to his mother a lot more from the beginning – I struggled to get behind him whilst he was doing all of these. I really liked the scenes between him and Chad, their relationship was my favourite bit.

The writing was good, although I was worried initially that I would “tell” who wrote what, but it flown seamlessly and blended together really well.

Although I have liked reading Crimson Bite, I did not feel that there was much going on in terms of plot movement and there were some pacing problems, especially to begin with. This might also be because I have certain expectations from urban/paranormal and not all have been met. All being said, I did enjoy the story!

The story ends on a cliffhanger, but the next instalment is out on the 8th of January 2019.