#BookReview: HOLY SISTER by Mark Lawrence | “Best series everrr!”

I am sure you did not hear me so far screaming how much I love this book series, but I LOVE THIS SERIES!! So now I am in fragments after reading the conclusion of this series, HOLY SISTER destroyed me like no other series finale. I am not gonna be coy and say it straight: if there would be a fire and I would only have time to grab a book or a series, I would grab The book of the Ancestor series by Mark Lawrence (and yes, someone asked me that question in work and I realized that it would be a book series that I could not live without).

Genre: fantasy, adult
Year Of Publication: 4th of April 2019
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Pages: 352
My rating: 5 million stars

Thank you to Mark Lawrence for a copy of this novel and the publishers for the promo materials.
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I do not remember, like with all good things, how I got to read Red sister last year; maybe I heard of it on booktube, maybe it was fate… Somehow I found my hands on it, borrowed from the library and I was utterly enchanted and now I am addicted forever to the writings of Mark Lawrence. Why? Because this year he’s also publishing One word kill which is a completely different ballpark and I still adored.

I can hand on heart say that Mark is a genius, he has the talent to write and write well, he understands that characters and motivations are the pulsating heart of the story so he pours his own in it. He understands females and they feel alive on the page, with dreams, expectations, fears, and emotions, they are badass in their own way regardless if they’re 10 or 100 years old. I swear the man knows threadwork because he made me laugh, cry and be at the edge of my seat. Yes, you heard that one right… I cried, or better said… I sobbed my heart out whilst reading Holy sister and it still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.Jane_Kelsey-square

But his characters don’t live in a random place, his world is vivid, you can feel, touch, smell, but most of all he loves to put his characters through hell so when they will never be the same. The plot is full of twists and turns, but it does now lose the reader, it takes the reader on a journey of discovery, full of adventure and passion because it is “do or die”.

There are a lot of finer points of this novel, there are many great things about it that I fleetingly touched upon because otherwise, this will be a very long review. And I don’t even want this to be a review because I want to talk about how it made me feel, I think that’s much more important, but if you insist… great characters, excellent magical system, amazing world-building, intriguing plot, diverse characters, and beautiful writing.

Basically, all you need to know is that you must read this series! I recommend this to anyone out there with a pulse.




#BookReview: Dawn among the stars by Samantha Hewagen

Hello, fellow bookworms,

I am happy to share with you my thoughts on Dawn among the Stars by Samantha Hewagen who was kind enough to send me a copy of her novel; thank you Sam!

Genre:  Fiction, Sci-Fi
Year Of Publication: May 2018
Publisher: Trifecta Publishing House
Pages: 338
My rating:  4.5 stars

IMG_20180530_111640_781.jpg“Set against the backdrop of intergalactic politics and war, Dawn Among the Stars follows the stories of three Humans as they struggle to understand the universe on a cosmic scale.” [GoodReads blurb]

Dawn among the stars follows the story of three humans after the Shielders, a powerful race of aliens, arrive on Earth not to take over, but to warn and protect us of an imminent attack on our planet. The Thermoshians have long exhausted the natural resources of their planet and have now set their eyes on our planet… or so the Shielders say. Can we trust them or is that just a ploy to take over?

Kayin, her ex-Henry, and best friend Melissa find themselves in the middle of it all have to fight to survive. Kayin suffers from panic attacks which only get worse since the Shielders arrived and tries to cope with her own problems when she hears the distressing news and leaves Michigan in an attempt to reunite with her family before things turn truly sour. However, things turn for the worse as she is travelling to see her family and a chance encounter will change the course of her life forever. She finds herself into the clutches of the Shielders, the aliens she hates for turning the world upside down. Kayin is thrust into a world she doesn’t understand with people that she cannot trust, and far away from what calls home. Will she be able to beat the odds?

Henry, ridden with guilt for abandoning the love of his life for a career, sets off on a journey to find Kayin knowing that she will attempt to reunite with her family. But things are not what they seem and Henry is forced to change course in order to survive the war happening around him.

Melissa and her family are in the refuge and manage to survive through the first attack, but her grandmother dies. When a Shielder offers them help and protection, they reluctantly accept, but will they manage to overcome their hate and survive? Will the odds be in their favour?

I really enjoyed seeing the world through these characters. They each had something to fight for and something to lose whilst trying to find themselves in the middle of the war. The main plot deals with a dystopian/apocalyptic world and the struggles humans have to face to survive, but also deals with issues like mental health, friendship, the complexities of family and love. What’s not to love about, right?!

how I picture the Shielder prince

My favourite POV was Kayin’s… maybe, just maybe because of the sexy prince (a girl can have her favourites, can’t she?!). Initially, I was a little taken aback by the way the different POV’s were organised as it was not something I expected and when I realised I wouldn’t see them again until book 2, my heart was crushed… and quickly went over it because every POV was great and it made more sense!

Would I recommend this book? Hell yeah! This book hooked me in from the start and I loved it so much, I read it in two days. I am so looking forward to reading the sequel!

Have you read it? What did you think?





#BookReview: Kings of this world by Peter Bailey

AirBrush_20180417202751.jpg“Matthew is just trying to hold the wreckage of his life together after his girlfriend left him for another woman. A chance to review a West End play seems like a lucky break, until it turns into an X-rated nightmare. The next day London tears itself apart, people make love in the streets and kill each other over a dirty sandwich. Overnight everything changes, the city is very quiet, people smile and nod, but what they smile and nod at is only visible to them. The only other normal person is Jeremy, sarcastic, intelligent and frequently wrong. Together they form an uneasy alliance that lasts until cone shaped aliens land and begin harvesting people like wheat. The last two survivors in London begin a desperate search for a way to stop the aliens before it’s their turn, unaware that millions of people have already killed themselves to give them the perfect weapon. Will Matthew and Jeremy realize the weapon they have been given before its too late?”

This book was sent to be by Peter Bailey for review consideration. As always, my honest opinion!

If you want to read a sci-fi/dystopian novel that follows non of the usual tropes, whilst also being insightful into the human nature and funny. I definitely didn’t know what to expect, but the dystopian/apocalyptic vibe sold me. I was a bit confused to begin with and wasn’t sure of what was going on and everything seemed a bit weird especially as it did not follow the usual tropes or conventions of the genre, but I LOVED this book. It’s the kind of book that made me think of philosophical issues, whilst also being extremely fun.tumblr_osqpq9pD6Q1vl1izjo1_500

The characters…

Witnessing the end of the world through the eyes of Matthew, a character intrinsically flawed, was insanely fun, but I do not start to appreciate the beauty of this novel until Jeremy takes scene, and I am sold! The dynamic of these very different male characters forced by circumstances to live together in hopes of surviving the invasion was exquisitely crafted. These characters should not work on paper, but in the hands of their master, they bloody do and I loved them even when I wanted to shake them, I still loved them because it all made sense. There is always a motivation for everything, all written in the character gene and beautifully carried out by plot and writing.

The plot & Writing…

The plot in itself is quite simple, however the beauty of these characters, in my opinion, giphy.giflikes in it’s power to allow the characters to shine and dig deep into the complexity of human nature and philosophy rather than relying on cheap tricks. No, this book is clever, it speaks to you and then it stays with you as it makes you wonder about the questions that it tries to answer; and for this, I salute you Peter!

My only problem was that it felt too slow to start and took a while for the story to grip me and I struggled to understand some concepts regarding the aliens (although that would be more my fault than his).

I absolutely loved this book and Peter has much talent in breathing form to his characters, and I am looking forward to his next works!