ILLUMICRATE April 2019 – Your Majesty & Descendant of the Crane | #unboxing #bookbox

So, by now everyone has received and cooed over their April Illumicrate boxes – I cannot see how you couldn’t when this box was AWESOME! Every single item in this box was perfect and Descendant of the Crane, the book fo the month, was one of the best reads of this year.

But let me show you some pictures, so you can see that for yourselves….

Now let me talk a little bit about Descendant of the Crane by Joan He because I am so full of feelings after finishing this gorgeous book. Needless to say, this was a 5 stars read for me, but what surprised me with this novel is the beauty of the writing, the unexpected twists and turns that kept on coming and the characters that feel alive in their goals and motivation against the backdrop of political instability. Hesina rises to the throne as queen and requests an investigation under her father’s murder, but things are never as they seem and this book is a journey of finding and losing oneself. The mystery, intrigue and magic blends beautifully under the penmanship of Joan He. This book was perfect for our Illumicrate Readalong on goodreads.

We need more of this world, we need more of Joan’s writing because I am a human addicted on her words.

What did you guys think of this box? Have you read Descendant of the Crane? Thoughts?

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#BookDiary: A city of ghosts beneath the citadel & April TBR| 02/04/2019

Dear reader,

I managed to be extremely productive today: tidied my closet, my desk, went for a run and did some cooking and prepping for tomorrow’s lunch! #WIN

I also Finished listening to CITY OF GHOSTS by Vee Shwab on audiobook and I really enjoyed it; gave it 4 stars. I really love listening to audiobooks especially if there are not fantasy heavy (I get easily confused – this brain of mine is not made for that). Do you listen to audiobooks?

Talking about audiobooks, I would really recommend you listen to the Martha Wells series of MURDERBOT – they’re quick, snarky and funny as hell. Now going back to what I am reading right now… I started WE ARE BLOOD AND THUNDER by Kesia Lupo and continuing during my lunch breaks to read off my phone A BEAUTIFUL CORPSE by Christi Daugherty (this book has been keeping me on my toes, wishing for the lunch breaks to be longer).

I have managed to put together my April TBR and it is MASUUUUSIVE! What possessed me? I dunno. I also plan to read Aurora Rising on ebook since I got a Netgalley and fit some more audiobooks… so it’s a lot of books. Have you read any of these?


Do you think it is insane how many books I am reading at the same time? Can you cope with multiple books?





#BookDiary: first 5 star read of April | 01/04/2019

Dear reader,

It is yet again Monday and with it came the first day of April. Have you pranked anyone 53923605_393414911495609_5995797373095647771_nfor April’s fools? I know I haven’t, completely forgot about it and now feels a bit too late.

If you are not following my Bookstagram, then you are missing your because I’ve been talking about my most exciting April releases. I believe April will be a great month. You can check it out here.

But today I am really excited because I got to finish reading STARFISH by Lisa Becker and I realllllly loved it. It was such a well written, cute, romance story told in alternative POV’s. I really appreciated how the romance was given time and substance to develop and the best 44097967.jpgfriend is not just a crutch to support the main character, she was funny, adorable and a really good friend. Marin and Grace’s relationship was absolute #SQUADGOALS! And this is what I wanted and needed when I picked it up to read it. I am so so so grateful to Lisa for sending me an advanced copy of it. The release of STARFISH is in May, so preorder now here. It is truly my first 5 star read of April and I am so pumped that my reading month has started so well!

The March ADVENTURE AWAITS Illumicrate book box has arrived today as well and it’s so EPIIIIC!!! You guys need to subscribe to Illumicrate because they’re awesome. I cannot wait to share the unboxing photos with you guys.

I am not going to hit the pillow. I am really tired and my shoulder is aching, I think I may have slept funny on it (nothing funny about it though!).




#BookDiary: Dear reader |31/03/2019

Dear reader,

IMG_20181128_082325_397.jpgI have been wanting to do this for some time now, but I have not had the chance to as time is slipping between my fingers and there isn’t a hell of a lot I can do about it. Basically, I want to “talk” to you more often via shot diary style blog posts/letters and update you on what I am reading, what is going on in my life or what awesome bookish goodies I am receiving, in a very chilled way.

I’ve recently looked back and most of my posts are either blog tours and book reviews, but I want to do more than that and build on the connections that we’ve had for so long; some of you have been with me for years, some of you are new and don’t really know me and I want to change that.

This was always really meant as a reading diary so that’s exactly what I am going to do, especially since a lot of the books that I am reading I do not get to talk about. As an example, I read almost  50 books this year, but there is no chance in hell I will get to write 50 reviews, not even mini ones, but I would like to use these diary pages to do exactly that. I am awful at keeping a paper reading diary, but this seems to be a lot more fun and exciting, and I also get to talk to you!

Anyway, enough waffling, I know I am the queen of waffling, so expect to see more of my ramblings around here.



#BlogTour: The mausoleum by David Mark | #LoveBooksGroupTours

Hi, book dragons! Tonight I am going to share something a little bit different! The Mausoleum by David Mark is being released in the UK today (HORRRAY!) so I’ve got Mark discussing how he found his inspiration for his newest thriller!

Happy reading!

The Mausoleum - David Mark Cover ImageFull Synopsis:
1967. In a quiet village in the wild lands of the Scottish borders, disgraced academic Cordelia Hemlock is trying to put her life back together. Grieving the loss of her son, she seeks out the company of the dead, taking comfort amid the ancient headstones and crypts of the local churchyard. When lightning strikes a tumbledown tomb, she glimpses a corpse that doesn’t belong among the crumbling bones. But when the storm passes and the body vanishes, the authorities refuse to believe the claims of a hysterical ‘outsider’.

Teaming up with a reluctant witness, local woman Felicity Goose, Cordelia’s enquiries all lead back to a former POW camp that was set up in the village during the Second World War. But not all Gilsland’s residents welcome the two young women’s interference. There are those who believe the village’s secrets should remain buried . . . whatever the cost.

David Mark Author PictureBest-selling novelist DAVID MARK discusses how a fascination with places ‘on the edge of things’ helped him find the perfect location for his new literary thriller, The Mausoleum.

“I’m fascinated by edges. There, I’ve said it. God, that felt good.

I know, it’s a dangerous interest. I should probably wean myself off and be satisfied with the myriad possibilities of middles, but I’m afraid ‘edges’ is where it’s at.

For the past few years, I’ve been writing about Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy – a gentle bear of a man who catches killers in and around Hull.

Hull, as Larkin famously said, is a city on the edge of things. It has its back to the sea: hunched and scowling, gargoyle-faced, back into Yorkshire. That gives the people a certain quality – a defensiveness; a carapace seasoned with salt-water. It gives the people, quite literally, an edge. I know how to write about such people. Three or four years back, I began to wonder whether I could write about other people too.

I’m from Carlisle. Carlisle is, broadly speaking, on the edge of England. Sure, it’s landlocked, but it’s only a few miles from the Scottish border and suffers from the same kind of slightly miffed remoteness so common in towns and cities where it costs the locals a week’s wages to get a bus to London. It qualifies as an edgeland – to me at least.

For those of you who are still reading, I’d like to reassure you there’s about to be a point. And this is it. I grew up hearing stories about the debatable lands – the blood-soaked strip of England and Scotland separated by the remains of the Roman Wall. I grew up hearing tales of the Border Reivers – clans with feared names who sortied and stole and pillaged and killed in pursuit of cattle and crops and land.

My grandfather, on my dad’s side, was a great one for pointing out of the window of his Vauxhall Cavalier and saying ‘that’s where they reckon Old Tam Armstrong was skewered on a branch’; or ‘if you don’t tell your mam, I can show you the rock that Hadrian used to bash in the skull of the soldier who stood on his toga’.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I’ll accept that Grandad Joe was making this stuff up. But there’s no doubt that the area either side of the Border has run red with blood and has a fascinating history. In fact, for a chap looking for the perfect location to set a mercurial novel about friendship and lies and community cover-ups, it might be considered a gift.

There are castles and forests and tumbledown old buildings whose iron railings have twisted into rusting spears. Every now and again a farmer will churn up a Saxon weapon or the skull of a Roman legionary.

Let me tell you a little about a place called Gilsland. It’s on the very edge of Cumbria and the edge of Northumberland, split in two by the wall that used to divide England from Scotland. If ever there was a place suffused with the liminal qualities of an edgeland, this is it. Moreover, there’s a certain otherworldliness to much of the history. Chat with a local and you’ll hear about the mysterious qualities of the water and the obscure obelisks placed in the water at strategic angles by some long forgotten hand. They might tell you about the Spa hotel that served as a home for expectant mothers from Newcastle during the war – a place where they might be a little safer from the Luftwaffe.

Stay a while longer and pop along to the churchyard in the tiny hamlet of Lower Denton. Read the names on the graves. You’ll spot a couple of formidable-sounding ladies who each lived for more than a hundred years and whose Riever connections were as old as the land in which they lie.

Then there’s RAF Spadeadam – the airbase at the centre of an ancient peat-bog where the British space programme was conducted at the height of the Cold War. The older residents will tell you how the windows rattled and their fillings hurt as Blue streak broke the sound barrier time and again.

Most of all, make it your business to ask about the Prisoner of War camp where Nazi prisoners were housed after capture – becoming very much a part of the local landscape as they mended walls and built fences and helped work the land.

You could ask about all of the above. Or you could read my new book, The Mausoleum, which takes these gifts of landscape and history and turns them into a canvas for a tale of friendship, secrets – and murder.

Don’t let me down. I’m a man on the edge …..”

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6 Book to movie adaptations that I am most excited for

Hello, book lovers, 2019 is the year of a lot of exciting book to movie adaptations! Which ones are you most excited for? These are some of the ones I am most excited for:

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven- I have not read this yet, but it’s not my reading list since last year and since the movie is coming out the priority just went up. Small town… unhappy teens… drama… what’s not to like?! Another Netflix movie adaptation and this is starring Justin Smith and Dakota Fanning (which I adore!).


The knife of Never letting go by Patrick Ness has been on my list for close to two years. I own the trilogy, but somehow I felt intimidated by it and didn’t yet picked it up. It will happen in 2019 as the movie titled Chaos Walking is coming out and Tom Holland (WHAAAAAAT??!?!?!) is set to play in it. #excited

Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott is a YA romance following a boy and a girl with cystic fibrosis who fall in love. Nothing can be sweeter than the clink of hearts breaking (talking about mine, of course) and I am very excited for it. The book is next in my priority as well.


Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott again on the big screen and this time starring Emma Watson… ‘Nuff said! Bring the popcorn, I’m in!

Pet Sematary by S. King should not require any kind of exposition and I am over the moon about the movie coming out. Word is that they are going to make this closer to the material source so we’re a whole world of scary here…

The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn was a hit so now it will be a movie and I am very excited. On my January list of books to read because it’s right up my alley. The movie will showcase stars such as Amy Adams (I’ll watch anything she plays in), Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore. This is the story of a woman to believes that she sees a crime being committed through the window.

Are any of these books on your list? Which adaptations are you going to watch?



#BookUpdate: Dawn Among the Stars by S.Heuwagen: FREE e-book

Good morning, book lovers! I hope you’ve had a good week so far, but if you haven’t, Samantha Hewagen has your back with a limited time free offer of Dawn among the stars FREE on e-book between the 24 and 28 of January 2019.

“Set against the backdrop of intergalactic politics and war, Dawn Among the Stars follows the stories of three Humans as they struggle to understand the universe on a cosmic scale.”

Goodreads blurb

Why would you pick up Dawn among the stars? Well, I had great fun reading it last year and I recommend you this amazing debut author. I have thoroughly enjoyed her writing. Full review of it here.

Dawn among the stars is available for free between the 24 to the 28th of January. Digital copies through kindle:

The second instalment, Fading Starlight, comes out in June 2019 – date to be announced soon. However, you can get the change to read the first chapter before publication by tagging Samantha in Social Media posts or sending her a screenshot of it at

I am personally so excited for the release of Fading in Starlight, and if you have not read Dawn among the stars, you’d better read it now since it is free.



*** Photo Credit: @ Samantha Heuwagen