#T5W: Favorite Books Featuring… VAMPIRES

Hello Everyone! It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a Top 5 Wednesday or wrote anything besides a Book Review! I have so many books to review, sometimes it gets out of hand, so today I decided to write up sometimes a little bit more different. The prompt is to write about about Favorite … Continue reading #T5W: Favorite Books Featuring… VAMPIRES

Attention! Attention! Calling all #WARCROSS fans!

Did all my shouting get your attention? Good, because you do not want to miss this! I was late on the WARCROSS love bandwagon which is kind of fortunate because it meant only a few months of torture until WILDCARD. We are now over a little over a week from the release date and I … Continue reading Attention! Attention! Calling all #WARCROSS fans!

Read 16 books in 30 days… A very late April wrap-up

Hello, fellow bookworms! Since the sun has been shining in good old England, I kept myself busy reading and writing on projects, so I've been neglecting you here for a little. I guess I also dreaded to do this wrap-up due to the sheer amount of books I've read in April. This also means that … Continue reading Read 16 books in 30 days… A very late April wrap-up

#NewReleasePromo ~ A Bleak December by Hanleigh Bradley

Hello, fellow bookworms! Wanted to talk to you today about A bleak December which I am very excited to read. In between reading Fantasy and Sci-fi, I am a total sucker for reading romance because it has all the feels and removes me completely from this world. Lately, I've been reading a lot less romance because … Continue reading #NewReleasePromo ~ A Bleak December by Hanleigh Bradley

March #Wrap-up: The Cruel Prince, Gemina, Artemis, and more…

Happy Sunday fellow bookworms! I am always so busy that it is not even useful to mention, but I had done a lot of reading as well, which is brilliant. I started and finished a lot of books and managed to get my Currently Reading list to a manageable amount. As you all know, I … Continue reading March #Wrap-up: The Cruel Prince, Gemina, Artemis, and more…

#T5W: Favorite Teachers/Mentors (from books)

Hi bookworms! Today's Top 5 Wednesday topic is around some of our favourite Teachers or Mentors from books. I know I wills struggle to find 5, so I will write my top two teachers and mentors as I am very picky in how I am applying the world. Professor McGonogall is a badass, which is … Continue reading #T5W: Favorite Teachers/Mentors (from books)

#BookishUpdate & #MostLikelyTo Character Book Tag

Hello book nerds! I am going to combine a weekly update with a fun book tag from Victoria  (<< check out her blog, it's awesome!!). I missed posting last Sunday because adulting most of the time gets in the way of writing, but gonna quickly mention what I've been up to. Not a lot has happened, … Continue reading #BookishUpdate & #MostLikelyTo Character Book Tag

#NewReleases: books I’m excited for! (Spring 2018)

Hi guys! A little later that what I wanted, but wanted to talk about some of my most anticipated releases of Spring 2018. Some of them are book series - continuations and new - and standalone books. These books are going to make a serious dent in my pocket, but I will happily hand them … Continue reading #NewReleases: books I’m excited for! (Spring 2018)

Week 10 ~ Bookish Update (Gemina, Red Sparrow, bujo & subscription boxes)

Hello dear reader's family! This week has been very tiring and I felt quite under the weather, didn't get much done overall, watched some movies after work and that was about it. Until I picked GEMINA and life as we know it was suspended as I struggled to put this book down. It was extremely … Continue reading Week 10 ~ Bookish Update (Gemina, Red Sparrow, bujo & subscription boxes)

Instagram #GIVEAWAY: The Witch’s Kiss by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

Hello reader fam! How are you? Snowing and sunshine in the Midlands (UK), so got the fire on and eating some healthy, nutritionally balanced dinner! I'm on a roll with a healthy diet, but more on this some other time I guess, because today I wanted to let you guys know that I am running … Continue reading Instagram #GIVEAWAY: The Witch’s Kiss by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr