#BookReview: A beautiful corpse by Christi Daugherty | @fictionpubteam

When I saw this gorgeoussss book cover on twitter a few months ago I knew I had to have it! Shallow, I know, but I love good covers and the title hooked me in and then I read the blurb so kept my eye out for it so when it came up on Netgalley – Thanks Netgalley –  I requested it ASAP. Thanks Harper Fiction for granting the request!

Genre: Mystery/Fiction/Thriller
Year Of Publication: 04.04.2019
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 384
My rating: 4 stars

It’s a thin line between love and murder… A murder that shocks a city…
Shots ring out on one of Savannah’s most famous streets. A beautiful law student lies dead. A case full of secrets and lies… Three men close to the victim are questioned. All of them claim to love her. All of them say they are innocent of her murder. An investigation that could prove deadly…
As crime reporter Harper McClain unravels a tangled story of obsession and jealousy, the killer focuses on her. He’s already killed one woman. Will he kill another?

cover150386-mediumHarper is one hell of a woman and I loved her balls! She is the centre of this novel and she was perfect for it. It’s a shame I did not realise when I picked it up that it was a sequel to another novel and now I’m too spoilt to read it because I adored Harper as a character, she was strong and fierce and vulnerable. Although the novel was a sequel, I didn’t realise it until there was mention of previous events which did not deter from my understanding of this novel at all – I really appreciated that, and there was enoughhss-LEtrench-34 information there to understand what had happened in the past. The scenes with the hot detective were all that I lived for: angsty as hell. There was a lot of emotional baggage and mystery in that relationship alone so I am subscribed to this series because I need to know what happens on this hot front.

This is a mystery/crime/thriller so there is enough murder to satisfy me, with plenty of suspects to choose from and added plot twists. I did feel like I was ahead a lot of the time and could see these twists just before they came into view so they weren’t really a shock to me and I kinda knew at some point kinda who it was and how it could’ve been done. Maybe I am just that good, or maybe that was the weak point of the novel. However, the writing was beautiful and the pacing was good, keeping me glued to the screen.

I will have to keep my eyes peeled for whatever Christi Daugherty will do next and this is one of those series that I need to follow. I am definitely hooked. Maybe I will even go and read the first book later this year once I will forget the details of this one.



#BookDiary: A city of ghosts beneath the citadel & April TBR| 02/04/2019

Dear reader,

I managed to be extremely productive today: tidied my closet, my desk, went for a run and did some cooking and prepping for tomorrow’s lunch! #WIN

I also Finished listening to CITY OF GHOSTS by Vee Shwab on audiobook and I really enjoyed it; gave it 4 stars. I really love listening to audiobooks especially if there are not fantasy heavy (I get easily confused – this brain of mine is not made for that). Do you listen to audiobooks?

Talking about audiobooks, I would really recommend you listen to the Martha Wells series of MURDERBOT – they’re quick, snarky and funny as hell. Now going back to what I am reading right now… I started WE ARE BLOOD AND THUNDER by Kesia Lupo and continuing during my lunch breaks to read off my phone A BEAUTIFUL CORPSE by Christi Daugherty (this book has been keeping me on my toes, wishing for the lunch breaks to be longer).

I have managed to put together my April TBR and it is MASUUUUSIVE! What possessed me? I dunno. I also plan to read Aurora Rising on ebook since I got a Netgalley and fit some more audiobooks… so it’s a lot of books. Have you read any of these?


Do you think it is insane how many books I am reading at the same time? Can you cope with multiple books?