Seasons Geekings ~ Enchanted Fandoms December Bookish Box


Hello amazing people! I hope you had a great time during the Christmas holidays and you’re enjoying this year so far. I am super excited as I am awaiting for the January Enchanted Fandoms bookish box ~ INTERGALACTIC PLANETARY.

I just realised as well that in the end of the year rush I have forgotten to post an unboxing of the December box! Oups! So, in honour of the new box, I present you … SEASONS GEEKINGS!

🎁So what did I get in this box?
❄Tea infuser inspired by Dr. Who by @ElissaJDesigns
❄Die Hard Tea inspired by @grimoiretea
❄Candle inspired by Home Alone by @Littlemousebookshelf
❄Gremlins inspired ornament by @NightOwlDesigns
❄Storm Troopers inspired postcard by Zekezachzoom
❄Frosty the Snowman inspired Hot Chocolate by @abliontea
❄ACOWAR inspired Lip balm by @jaelynnsbookshop
❄Star Wars shot glass created by @enchanted_fandoms_
❄National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Pin
❄Batman pencil case
and… most amazingly: a Harry Potter pillow case!!! Squeeee!!!


This box blew me away and I am very proud to display my pillow and bookish items and I am really grateful to be an @Enchanted_Fandoms_rep.IMG_20171226_160203_647.jpg

As already mentioned, the January theme is INTERGALACTIC PLANETARY and … there will be an ILLUMINAE wearable item in it! I am excited for this as I love Illuminae soooo much!!!

👉👉Use code JANE15 to save 15% on your first box.

🎁What do you guys think? Which is your favorite item? I love everything, but since I always wanted a bookish pillow case, I am over the moon to have a Harry Potter one!



My awesome December TBR!

It is December and I cannot believe it! I do not know when time passed by because I am so not prepared for Christmas. What I am prepared for is being off work since the 14th of December! YASSS!!

And because I am never shy of taking loads of projects on and adding more hobbies into my life, December it will be a fully creative month and I will attempt to incorporate a lot of awesome stuff for January. I will do a full blog post on this towards the end of December as it will make a lot mores sense then.

So without further ado, my December TBR (🥁🥁🥁):


So the first book that I wanted to read was A monster calls by Patrick Ness and I have already read it and let me tell you guys… IT WAS AMAZING! It gave me all the fells and it was… Ah! Buy it, read it, and thank me later!

I then picked up Harry Potter as I have never read it! Yeah, I know. I only read the last book because I really wanted to know what happened before the last movie. But I am hellbent on setting in right and reading the whole series. I might do mini reviews on each of them as I see them as an adult. Would you want to read that?

And because I like reading more than one book at a time, I have also picked up Twelve Days of Christmas and so far I am liking it. I only read like 20 pages so nothing is quite happening yet, but I am looking forward to read more. I love my some Xmas romance!

Next I know I will pick Murder on the Orient Express as I have read this book more than 10 years ago and I am looking forward to read it again. I never read it in English so that will definitely be interesting. I saw the movie and totally loved it. I obviously knew the ending, but I loved everything in between the the characters were very well portrayed.

I have a lot of romance novels set during Christmas time because if now now, when? I love Xmas romance so really looking forward to read them. FYI, I watch and read Xmas romance at any time of the year, but reading it around Xmas makes me feel a little more normal. Lol.

So that’s it on my OFFICIAL TBR! As you guys know I have an unofficial TBR as well which are the books that I pick up to read on a whim because they are fit for my mood. I will upload this weekend my wrap-up as I have read a lot of amazing books this November!



PS: I recommend you guys grab this candle from Evil Queen as it smells so lush! This is inspired by the Harry Potter series and since I am a Slytherin, this AMBITIOUS candle is perfect! So go, stop wasting time and go! (unless you want to waste time on my blog, you can stay! 😉)


Bookish Update (Week 39) ~ Currently Reading 7 books

Good afternoon my lovelies! I have been a little absent from here lately as I’ve been working a lot and also getting ready to move to our new house as well as working on my Doctorate application for this year. I honestly don’t know how I’m doing this!

I thought of doing a weekly bookish update so you guys know what I am up to, what I am reading, etc.. I’ve been pretty busy lately so I’ve not had a lot of time to read unfortunately. I am hoping this will change once we move and settle into our new house and the university applications are all done and dusted!

I recently vouched that I will not read any more than 3 books at a time as this is getting so much out of hand right now! No wonder that I’m struggling as on my Currently Reading list I had 7 books, one of which I finished reading today (yey me!). So in no particular order:

35589760Kings of the World by Peter Bailey: On page 127/304. I really like this the way this novel is going and the main character is spot on. I normally struggle with male characters and this novel has two, but it is a fun, smart read, and I am looking forward to find out what Matthew and Jeremy are going to do to stop the Aliens! Thank you ever so much Peter for sending this to me for review consideration!



Realm of Mindweavers- Book One: Tales of Golmeira by Marianne Ratcliffe: On page 120/256. The story built slowly, however the character development was great. I actually hated so much one of the characters that I could compare it with my hate for Jeoffrey from A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin; that good! Now the action has started so I need to make time to finish it as I need to know what is happening. Again, thank you Marianne for the paperback copy!


32860355Alex and Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz: 52%. I’ve received a copy of this via Netgalley and I didn’t quite know what to expect when reading this book as I wasn’t aware that of the Hamilton musical. It is an ok read, however I keep on comparing it with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen in my mind and that’s not helping as in comparison I find it a little lacking. What I’ve read so far it felt a little too drawn out for my taste, but I will finish reading it.


34874784Seeds of Hatred (Scions Awakened Book 1) by Christian Nadeau 68/506. This paperback copy is amazing and as odd as it may sound, I love the feel of this book in my hands! I haven’t gotten to far into this novel as I find it quite hard to switch POV’s, however once I finish with most of my Currently reading books, I will pick it up and devote all my attention to it as it deserves it.


24866317American Gods by Neil Gaiman 11/20 (55%). This audiobook is amazing, however I found that I just struggle with audiobooks. They have their advantages as you can listen to it whilst doing something else, however it seems that I prefer listening to music rather than listening to my audiobooks, so probably will not purchase more audiobook. Anyway, American Gods is really good and I would like to read the physical copy at some point as I think it would be a totally different experience.

30818574The Shadow of the High King (The Weaving Shadows, #1) by Frank Dorrian ; 10%. Frank sent me his book ages ago and I’ve not picked it up in like forever, and I don’t even know why as I really liked it. At this point I would probably have to pick it up from scratch. I find that I am struggling a lot more lately to read e-books, I find it much easier to have a paperback.


13519397Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas. I finished reading this one today and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I tried originally to listen to the audiobook and the voice totally ruined it for me and had to pick up the original copy. The voice made Celaena even more annoying than she can be at times, and a lot more conceited. Funnily enough, I didn’t realise that I was almost 80% in when listening to the audiobook so reading felt more like remembering. I am debating of giving it between 3 and 4 stars out of 5.


… and this it it! (Ha!)

I am really hoping that next week the list will be a lot smaller, although looking at my TBR I’m getting dizzy! So many books to read, so little time! How do you guys cope with that?

Do you read more than one book at a time or do you prefer to keep it simple and dedicate your time to one book at a time?

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will try to do a Bookish update every Sunday evening!

Stay nerdy,




August 2017 Wrap-up & Mini-reviews

This beginning of August caught me in a right reading slump and I barely read anything. I hoped that once WWReadathon will begin in the last week of August, I will be once again cured, and thank Heavens that I was actually right! Only the sight of a book would induce me into a right panic and I am betting my money to fault is the huge pile of Books To Be Read next to me. It is literally huge!

So this month I only managed to read… four books! FOUR books!!!!! Like what’s that?! 😞At least, with the exception of one book, all my reads have ticked at least 4 stars, although I am gutted that I did not manage to complete the WWReadathon. I went quite strong until I was coming home from work too tired to read. I am quite upset as this is the second one that I am unable to complete, however I am still going to finish my TBR for it. I have three books left to read in the pile, and this are thankfully smaller in size than Feed (had a lot of pages!).

                  What I read:
  1. Two Cabins, One Lake (Alaskan Romance #1) by  Shaye Marlow. I actually started this book in July, but didn’t finish it until August. I really struggled to get to the end as after the first few chapters, the book was fuelled only by sexual desire and and incredible amount of stupidity. I ended up skipping through pages just to see how it would end, and omg! I do not know where that ending came from. I really tried, but unfortunately it wasn’t for me. ⭐
  2. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. I was waiting for quite some time to read this book and I was so not disappointed. It pulled me right out of my reading slump and hooked me in. I will do a full review on it soon. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  3. Feed by Mira Grant. This is another book that I’ve been dying to read and it was amazing! A little slow paced for my taste, however it was very well executed, so another ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  4. His Viking bride by Olivia Norem. Last, but not least, this romance novel was actually well written, with interesting characters, and a spunky female protagonist. I really enjoyed reading this, so ⭐⭐⭐⭐



I also went halfway through I am number 4 by Pittacus Lore, but I am struggling to finish it. For some reason I cannot get to care that much for the main character so had to more or less force myself to continue reading and I have 100+ more pages to read! I know this is a really hyped up book, and that a lot of people love it, however it did not work for me. Have you read any hyped-up book and you ended up not liking it?

Xoxo 💋



Wonder Week Read-a-thon is finally here!

Hello my lovelies!

It is Friday here in England and I am happy to say that our first day of the Read-a-thon just started!

The funny thing is that I have completely forgot today it was the 25th and I kept on referring that WWReadathon will be starting next week until I (somehow) realised what date it was! Duh! 🤦🤦🤦🤦


At least I did realise it was the 25th and that I do have prepped a perfectly good TBR list that I have shared with you guys in a previous post where you can also find the Bingo Board to select what you want to read.

I am super excited to start reading Everything Everything as the movie is now out in cinemas and I want to go to see it only after reading the book. Have you read Everything Everything yet? Did you like it?

As you already know, I am also hosting two days I think the 26 and 27 of August and I came up with a challenge that I have decided that I will reveal tomorrow for all Book Bloggers. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WWReadathon on both Twitter and Instragram. I will probably be posting some short games on Instagram as well on my two hosting days, so follow me there @ Jane_Kelsey and on Twitter @ Jane_Writes13.

If you are participating please comment down below as I am really curious on what you chose as your bingo board and your TBR!


Jane 💋





Finally, my Booktube-a-thon update!


I’ve had such a crazy time last week trying to juggle working full time, doing the Book-tube-a-thon, and going away Friday to Sunday for a Hen party, and just now I found the time to sit down and write this. I am so behind schedule with a lot of things, so I am hoping that this weekend I can spend it in a more productive manner!


From my Booktube-a-Thon list there were some challenges that I managed to do, some I didn’t. I did read 7 books, however I didn’t get the chance to read outside as the weather was horrendous in the UK. I also went away for the weekend for a hen party with only my kindle, so I managed to read 3 books during that time (Don’t know how, I swear!).

The 2017 Reading Challenges & my choices:
1/ Read a book with a person on the cover – The Secret Circle by L.J.Smith✅
2/ Read a hyped book – Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon ❌
3/ Finish a book in one day – Vampire Academy graphic novel by Richelle Mead and Emma Vieceli ✅
4/ Read about a character that is very different from you – I am number four by Pitacus Lore ❌
5/ Finish a book completely outdoors – Realm of Mindweavers- Book One: Tales of Golmeira by Marianne Ratcliffe ❌
6/ Read a book you bought because of the cover – Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick ✅
7/ Read seven books – The summoning by Kelley Armstrong ✅

  • Instead of the three books that I did not get a chance to read, I read the King trilogy by  Mimi Jean Pamfiloff.

I wish I would’ve managed to do it all, do the Instagram challenges and all of that, but I am quite pleased that I have managed to read 7 books in 7 days against all odds! I suppose that at the end of the day I must be happy that I have accomplished that.

How did your Booktub-a-thon go? How many books did you manage to read?



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Help stop poverty, buy a book: Oxfam | Weekend Book Haul

Book shopping is the best kind of therapy for me so I had a blast yesterday morning browsing through shelves and shelves of books, especially when buying books helps other people too!

I bought these books from Oxfam, a charity organisation that helps fight poverty across the globe and it feels so good to know that my love for books can make a difference in someone’s life somewhere across the world!!! Isn’t that incredible?! If you want to know a little more about what Oxfam does, then click here and you can do online shopping too ;).


Mansfield park and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I am a huge fan of Jane Austen and could not resist buying Mansfield Park & Pride and Prejudice (one of my top 10 books of all time!!). I am beyond pleased with finding these. 



The Godfather by Mario Puzo

I must confess that I have not seen the movie so far, which is why I actually picked up the book as I tend not to read the book if I’ve seen the movie. I have a generally idea on what the book/movie is a portrayal of the 1940’s criminal underworld with Don Corleone at the centre of it all. I am so excited to have this book and explore a world that I don’t know that much about! 

This is currently on sale at Book Depository at £4.52, you can buy it here.


The Secret Circle by L.J.Smith

I heard about this fantasy YA novel a long time ago, but didn’t got around to reading it, however I am glad I picked it up now. The story follows Cassie as she moves to New England and bonds with a group of teenagers from her school and becomes part of their Secret Circle.

If you want to buy this book, please click here.



The fault in our stars by John Green

This is another very popular YA novel that I haven’t read yet or seen the movie. I am really excited to start reading this. The story centres on Hazel, a young girl who was diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer when he was 12. Hazel meets Augustus at a Cancer Kid Support Group and her whole world changes. 

The fault in our stars is on sale at £5.65 and you can buy it here from Book Depository.


If you read any of these books, please send me your thoughts in the comment section. Also, if you have any other recommendations, please let me know as I am always looking to expand my reading horizons.

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