#BookReview:Her brooding Scottish heir by Ella Hayes

Her brooding Scottish heir was a fun, light read and I did enjoy reading it, although I did have some issues with it, mainly stemming from the plot, lack of character development and pacing issues.

Genre: romance
Year Of Publication: 27.12.2018
Publisher: Mills&Boons True Love
My rating: 2.5 stars

A kiss under the Northern Lights…
Running from her broken engagement artist Milla O’Brien retreats to the Scottish Highlands. Only to arrive during a lavish wedding on the estate!
She finds the bride’s brother and brooding heir, Cormac Buchanan. Could they heal each other’s hearts?

(Goodreads blurb)

At the heart of a romance novel (for me) are the two main characters so it’s very important for me to get to know them, love them and understand their motivations, goals and background story. In this novel, I felt that I did not get to know the main characters as much as I would’ve wanted to, we get to know why they are the way they are, but everything seems to be linked only in terms of the romance, rather than them as a person on their own right. Milla was slightly annoying on a lot of occasions when she was offered help, but for the sake of the plot, she was being more difficult than it was called for. I do not like it when I can see the plot creeping into what the characters say or do as it has to serve a purpose – hate that. Cormac had his own moments, especially towards the end when he falls into the usual tropes!

The plot was convenient and simplistic, “forcing” the romance the romance between the two main characters most of the time. There were also some pacing issues in there as well; for example, the “dark moment” when all is lost and no turning back was resolved in 2 pages and rushed to a happy ending that felt so unrealistic I wanted to scream. I could forgive a lot more, but I was very disappointed with the climax and resolution of this story. 2.5 stars.

I think that with some more editing and solving those plot and pacing issues, it would be a good novel because the writing was not bad at all, actually. I enjoyed the dialogue between the characters and the descriptive parts of it.

What’s your favourite romance novel?



#BookReview: Unscripted by Minnie Adams

38880478The downside of reading a lot is having to write a lot of reviews which takes an insane amount of time, but I love to share with you my thoughts on the books that I am reading and hopefully giving you a better idea of what you would and would not enjoy reading.

On this particular occasion, I believe you would enjoy reading Unscripted; I know I truly loved it and I believe it took me two, three days of reading to finish it. I was sooooooo hooked!

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Year Of Publication: February 2018
Publisher: Ubiquitous Books
Pages: 308
My rating:4.5 stars

*thanks to Ubiquitous books for sending me a copy for an honest review*

Who knew sticking your tongue out at a total stranger could change your life? Andromeda Hart doesn’t feel confident or pretty enough to carry off her big fancy name. In fact she feels messy, inelegant and out of control. With the rest of her life coming up fast, she’s terrified she’ll forever be all over the place. When a chance meeting in a crowded pub changes everything, can she face the challenges love, and the movie business, have in store for her? [Goodreads blurb]


Andromeda, or Andi for short, has a pretty simple life and in the beginning of the book giphyshe lacks self-esteem and confidence, and so she sticks her tongue out at an attractive stranger checking her out. Unbeknown to her, this handsome stranger is a famous actor, unhappy with his life and his career path. Joseph was handsome and successful, but of late he has been feeling empty, bored with his life. So when the two of them are thrown in together, sparks start flying.

I really liked Andi, especially in the beginning, she was funny and her inner monologue was smart and interesting. Her flaws made her endearing and more human, however as the story progressed I felt that she continued to be stuck with her low self-esteem especially when everyone is telling her how awesome she is; this was particularly important as the plot also tried to capture issues around sexual harassment in the film industry.

Joseph is successful and charming, yet he lives an empty life, wanting more than the action roles he’s been cast in Hollywood. When he and Andi are thrown together, he finds the spark that was missing from his life and begins to dream again. He is generally likeable, however, on a few occasions, his misplaced jealousy and his inability to tell her he loved her, irked me more than once. The problem with this is that it didn’t feel like an issue of the character, but more of a plot design to keep the tension going. If he would’ve told her he loved her, many things would’ve been avoided, so I really wanted to strangle him for that. I loved him for the most, but wanted to strangle him there!

Overall, the plot carried well, minus some of the issues I’ve mentioned above. I really appreciated the different topics the novel attempted to carry, such as sexual harassment and female friendship.


The writing style was clear and easy to follow. I loved Andi’s voice and her internal monologue; for me, this was the highlight. As a debut author, Minnie has a distinct voice and a way with words that I found it was pulling me back into the story whenever my attention would wane. I will definitely watch this space!


I really enjoyed this novel! I initially gave it 4.5 stars because I was buzzing after finishing reading it. I definitely enjoyed it however, since I finished reading it and had a little bit more time to reflect, I feel that 4 stars would be a more accurate rating.

I definitely recommend this novel, and I am not usually a contemporary romance/fiction reader!





#BookReview: The Nurse’s Pregnancy Miracle by Ann McIntosh | Mills&Boon

Hi guys! How have you been lately? I’ve been in the mood for romance lately so when I spotted The Nurse’s Pregnancy Miracle by Ann McIntosh I knew I had to have it. Medical romance is one of my favourite types of contemporary romance.

*Thank you Mills & Boon for allowing me to read this book early via Netgalley*
Genre:  Medical Romance
Year Of Publication: 23.08.2018
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Pages: 192
My rating: 3.5 stars

40232366She’s expecting a baby……but not to meet her Mr. Right! After leaving her cheating ex, nurse Nychelle Cory decided to have the baby she’s always wanted through IVF. As she’s determined to raise her child alone, she must ignore her inconvenient attraction to gorgeous colleague Dr. David Warmington. Especially as David has his own reasons for not wanting a family. But could Nychelle’s long-awaited miracle help heal them both?” [Goodreads blurb]


Nurse Nychelle comes from a family of overachievers and she was always made to feel inadequate by her parents. At an early age, it was diagnosed that she would have problems conceiving so she decides to undertake IVF treatment to have a baby after her cheating ex-fiancee broke her trust and her heart. On the other hand,  the new doctor David, he has his own reasons to not want children, so when attraction sizzles between them, there’s a lot standing in their way.

I found the characters very enjoyable and pleasant to have around. David was probably my favourite as more often than not he was open with Nychelle and discussing with her. Nychelle had a pleasant personality and attitude, but felt a little too “good”. It also bothered me that she didn’t stand up for herself with her parents and going into hiding when things went sour rather than facing issues upfront.

Unfortunately, I found the side characters to be extremely cliche and not that well fleshed out, especially the parents who had, in my opinion, such a big influence on her life. I haven’t any more about them than what we were told before and during the gala. I know that main characters have to take centre stage, but I never really understood the parent’s motivations and it bothered me in all honesty that successful, career-orientated people are seen as cold, not interested in family and simply mean; can we lose this stereotype?


I found the plot a little bit too much in the sense that it tried to achieve a lot which took away from the main story. In my opinion, it would’ve been better to have focused more on their story and creating more romantical angst than trying to overcome general issues. I did enjoy the moments the main characters took centre stage and the focus was on them as a potential couple; loved the cute moments when she played tour guide for him.


I did enjoy this story although as mentioned before there some things did not work that well for me, or things bothered me. I found the story cute and quite refreshing in the approach towards its characters who treated each other with respect and maturity.

I would recommend this book!

What’s your favourite contemporary romance subgenre? Any recommendations? Do you read any?

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#NewReleasePromo ~ A Bleak December by Hanleigh Bradley

downloadHello, fellow bookworms! Wanted to talk to you today about A bleak December which I am very excited to read. In between reading Fantasy and Sci-fi, I am a total sucker for reading romance because it has all the feels and removes me completely from this world. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot less romance because I have so many fantasies and sci-fi books that I want to get to read soon, however, I am really excited to read A Bleak December. Thank you Hanleigh for sending me a copy!
Genre: Contemporary Romance,
NA Romance
Release Date: 1st May 2018
Price: 99c / 99p
Length: Just below 20K
Availability: Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo, etc.
 Amazon: http://amzn.to/2oTOGJg
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38943078-a-bleak-december


Her Christmas list isn’t long. It is the shortest it has ever been. She doesn’t want a pretty new pair of shoes or a new dress to wear to her work’s New Years Eve bash.

All Ella wants is a Christmas Miracle.

With a sick mum in hospital and a little brother at home, she struggles to maintain order in the chaos that is quickly engulfing her. If she doesn’t get her miracle will her entire world fall apart? And if it does, who will help her put it back together again?


thumbnail_1He’s my boss. That doesn’t stop me though. It doesn’t stop my mind from picturing him naked standing in my shower, water cascading down over his toned, muscular flesh. No. It doesn’t stop my inappropriate thoughts, and it definitely doesn’t stop me having them at the most inopportune of moments. It’s not like I just think about him when I’m lying in bed late at night. No, I fantasise about him during staff meetings, when he’s being a pain in the arse bossing us all around and when he’s reprimanding me yet again for being late.

Do you want to know the worst bit? It’s not the thoughts. I can deal with my dirty mind; it’s always been that way. Dirty thought after dirty thought, wrapped in a world of dirty thoughts. No. The thoughts are fine; it’s the things that come out of my mouth. The actual words that I apparently have an equal lack of control over. Like right now, the whole room has gone silent in shock because of my stupid, big mouth. As if I just said that. I can feel my cheeks redden with embarrassment and my best work friend is laughing under her breath beside me. The bitch.

Tristen had asked me why I was late. It was a reasonable enough question but why, oh, why couldn’t I give him an equally sensible response??? No. Instead, I only went and gave him the most ridiculous cock and bull story known to man.

“Why are you late?” Tristan Riggens, my boss had asked in that deep, authoritative, yet almost disrespectfully uninterested voice of his. It’s a voice that threatens to destroy you while drawing you in, keeping you walking some imaginary tightrope.

“My dog ate a condom.” Why that sentence made it passed whatever filter I have, I will never know. Sometimes my mouth does unexplainable things, embarrassingly unexplainable. It’s a problem I’ve had since childhood and it shows no sign of improving.

The room goes silent, but he doesn’t react at all. His face remains expressionless except I think I can see humour in his eyes, or at least I hope I do. He’s not exactly easy to read and right now I really have no idea what he thinks. “Well, I hope your dog is okay now.”

“He’s absolutely fine.” I’m probably the colour of the Christmas tree in the corner. I think I might throw up my breakfast from the sheer embarrassment that I now feel.

“Someone should call the RSPCA.” A voice says from somewhere behind me.

“You might want to reconsider where you stash your condoms.” Another of my colleagues laughs.

My best friend, the one who’s supposed to be on my side is in fits of hysteria. In fact, she’s laughing so hard she’s close to choking. I hope she chokes.

“Okay.” Tristen tries to divert their focus from me and my condom eating dog, back to the meeting. “New Year – we’ll be having an office party.”

If he thinks talk of a party might divert their attention from my poor imaginary dog, he is wrong and he clearly doesn’t know his team that well. “How on earth did your dog get a hold of a condom?”

“Did it still have the foil wrapper on?”

“Eww, it wasn’t used, was it?”

I’m shrinking into myself. Massively embarrassed. Eyes on the floor. Cheeks burning hot. Head pounding. Heart palpitating. How the hell will I get out of this one? I have an uncanny knack for getting myself into a bit of a pickle and absolutely no skill at getting myself back out again. “That’s enough – I’ve heard more than enough about condoms and dogs for one day. Back to work.” He’s shaking his head as he dismisses us all before leaving the open offices of our floor of the TRW Advertising building. Walking into his office, he closes the door behind himself. Lucky sod. At least he has a door he can hide behind.

“Fuck.” I say under my breath.

“Only you Ella.” Sadie laughs beside me. “I don’t know how you do it.”

“I just open my mouth…” I sigh.

“You don’t even have a dog!”

“I know.” I’m groaning in mortification. “We should get back to work before Tristen gets all shitty.”

“Or worse,” Sadie whispers, “Delos might come out of her office and have at us.”

“As if – Clara’s too nice for that.”

“To you. She hates me.”

“That’s not true.” I laugh gently. The door to Tristen’s office opens once more, and he pops his head out. “Winthrope. Reed. Do I need to find you something to do?”

“No sir.” Sadie nods her head before turning back towards her cubicle.

I move to follow her, but Tristen is still talking. “Winthrope, in here please.”

“Shit.” I grumble before following him into his office. This is the moment when he finally tells me that enough is enough and I need to start being on time, or worse look for a new job. The new job scenario is probably more likely. My tardiness is my biggest failing. I’m lucky I haven’t already lost this job.

He’s sat behind his desk; calm and composed in a way I have never been. He motions a hand towards the leather chair in front of him, and I take it gratefully because my legs are like jelly. My mouth is practically glued shut because I can’t trust myself not to say something completely absurd. His eyebrow is raised. “Your dog ate a condom?”

“Yes.” My sister Tia says when you lie you have to own it.

“Have you taken him to the vets?”

“No. He… he just coughed it up.” I tell him, desperately hoping that he doesn’t see through my lies.

“You do need to make a better effort to be on time for work in the morning.”

“Sorry Sir.” I tell him honestly. It’s not exactly news to me that I need to get my shit together.

About The Author:

Hanleigh loves books more than nearly anything in the world; whether its reading them or writing them, Hanleigh just can’t get enough. She relishes in the way authors can create worlds with the words they put in their books. She loves the way your imagination introduces you to a new world when you read a book. It may well be a world completely foreign to the one you live in. That world is brought to life; inspires you to dream, captivates your imagination, entices your senses.

Hanleigh first took to reading as a small child reading Dr Zeus. She then fell in love with romance literature when she first read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen; when she first swooned over Mr Darcy. She’s read more books than she can count and owns more books than some libraries.

Although born in Scotland, she sometimes wishes she could live inside the world that she can create inside her mind, but since that isn’t possible she puts pen to paper and shares that world with this world instead. There is something addictive about being able to mould your words into something that causes the reader to fall into your mind. When you put pen to paper and create a world, it’s exhilarating. Every word has meaning. You know every character intimately. You know every secret, every whisper, every smell, every look; as the author you know the world you created and more so than even the most avid of readers you can get lost in your own creation.

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