Seasons Geekings ~ Enchanted Fandoms December Bookish Box


Hello amazing people! I hope you had a great time during the Christmas holidays and you’re enjoying this year so far. I am super excited as I am awaiting for the January Enchanted Fandoms bookish box ~ INTERGALACTIC PLANETARY.

I just realised as well that in the end of the year rush I have forgotten to post an unboxing of the December box! Oups! So, in honour of the new box, I present you … SEASONS GEEKINGS!

🎁So what did I get in this box?
❄Tea infuser inspired by Dr. Who by @ElissaJDesigns
❄Die Hard Tea inspired by @grimoiretea
❄Candle inspired by Home Alone by @Littlemousebookshelf
❄Gremlins inspired ornament by @NightOwlDesigns
❄Storm Troopers inspired postcard by Zekezachzoom
❄Frosty the Snowman inspired Hot Chocolate by @abliontea
❄ACOWAR inspired Lip balm by @jaelynnsbookshop
❄Star Wars shot glass created by @enchanted_fandoms_
❄National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Pin
❄Batman pencil case
and… most amazingly: a Harry Potter pillow case!!! Squeeee!!!


This box blew me away and I am very proud to display my pillow and bookish items and I am really grateful to be an @Enchanted_Fandoms_rep.IMG_20171226_160203_647.jpg

As already mentioned, the January theme is INTERGALACTIC PLANETARY and … there will be an ILLUMINAE wearable item in it! I am excited for this as I love Illuminae soooo much!!!

👉👉Use code JANE15 to save 15% on your first box.

🎁What do you guys think? Which is your favorite item? I love everything, but since I always wanted a bookish pillow case, I am over the moon to have a Harry Potter one!



Enchanted Fandom November unboxing ~ “No fandom left behind!”

IMG_20171206_174304_511.jpgHello bookish fam! How are you? Can you believe it that Christmas is 7 sleeps away?…. Me neither! Can you also believe that I can get to show you my Enchanted Fandom unboxing for November? I know it’s quite late, but hey!, that’s how I roll lately!

Enchanted Fandom is a monthly subscription service for all of us lovers of bookish things and fandoms. They believe that no fandom should be left behind and their items are inspired by books, movies and TV shows. How awesome is that!? If you want to find out more go to and use code JANE15 to save, and without further ado, I present you with….

💥“The Great Hall”💥


Needless to say, these items are incredible and I am super excited for everything that has IMG_20171215_143842_927.jpgbeen added into the box:
@ElissaJDesigns – Camelot inspired Necklace ~ isn’t the crown adorable?
@LittleMouseBookShelf – Harry Potter inspired Wax melts.
@foxandwit – The Vikings inspired incense sticks and the adult coloring postcard 😍 – Game of Thrones notebook ~ so excited for this!🤗
@Wethedreamingdesigns – Merlin inspired hand drawn magnetic bookmark
@Thesoaplibrarian – Outlander inspired bath salts which are amazing!!
@Books.are.key – Robin Hood or King Arthur inspired keychain
@Enchanted_Fandoms_ – Harry Potter inspired flask ~ this will help me survive Xmas!😏

….also included were Mists of Avalon and Captain Hook fandom pins, a Lord of the Rings ring, Robin Hood Pencil and a Braveheart inspired scarf!😍 IMG_20171212_141209_916.jpg

What do you think? Isn’t this amazing? I am now a Rep for Enchanted Fandom as well, so you guys get to save 15% off for the monthly boxes and on item from the Etsy Shop with my rep code: JANE15So treat yourselves with the January box: INTERGALACTIC PLANETARY  and it will be amazing. For updates follow me and Enchanted Fandoms on Instagram.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts down below!






My awesome December TBR!

It is December and I cannot believe it! I do not know when time passed by because I am so not prepared for Christmas. What I am prepared for is being off work since the 14th of December! YASSS!!

And because I am never shy of taking loads of projects on and adding more hobbies into my life, December it will be a fully creative month and I will attempt to incorporate a lot of awesome stuff for January. I will do a full blog post on this towards the end of December as it will make a lot mores sense then.

So without further ado, my December TBR (🥁🥁🥁):


So the first book that I wanted to read was A monster calls by Patrick Ness and I have already read it and let me tell you guys… IT WAS AMAZING! It gave me all the fells and it was… Ah! Buy it, read it, and thank me later!

I then picked up Harry Potter as I have never read it! Yeah, I know. I only read the last book because I really wanted to know what happened before the last movie. But I am hellbent on setting in right and reading the whole series. I might do mini reviews on each of them as I see them as an adult. Would you want to read that?

And because I like reading more than one book at a time, I have also picked up Twelve Days of Christmas and so far I am liking it. I only read like 20 pages so nothing is quite happening yet, but I am looking forward to read more. I love my some Xmas romance!

Next I know I will pick Murder on the Orient Express as I have read this book more than 10 years ago and I am looking forward to read it again. I never read it in English so that will definitely be interesting. I saw the movie and totally loved it. I obviously knew the ending, but I loved everything in between the the characters were very well portrayed.

I have a lot of romance novels set during Christmas time because if now now, when? I love Xmas romance so really looking forward to read them. FYI, I watch and read Xmas romance at any time of the year, but reading it around Xmas makes me feel a little more normal. Lol.

So that’s it on my OFFICIAL TBR! As you guys know I have an unofficial TBR as well which are the books that I pick up to read on a whim because they are fit for my mood. I will upload this weekend my wrap-up as I have read a lot of amazing books this November!



PS: I recommend you guys grab this candle from Evil Queen as it smells so lush! This is inspired by the Harry Potter series and since I am a Slytherin, this AMBITIOUS candle is perfect! So go, stop wasting time and go! (unless you want to waste time on my blog, you can stay! 😉)


Harry Potter inspired AMBITION box ~ an unboxing

IG: Jane_Kelsey


To say that I was over the moon when I received this box is the understatement of the year. I was extremely lucky to win a giveaway from EvilQueen and NestingZone, which included a bookmark from LexyOlivia. Besides their amazing products they are amazing human beings as well, so thank you very much for this box! I am extremely grateful to have received it.



So what did I receive?

☣The most amazing smelling candle ever and an essential oil roll on potion from @EvilQueen
☣A luxury soap and a bath bomb from @nestingzone (both smell delish!!), and
☣A Slytherin bookmark from @lexyolivia.
🤗Their items are also handmade with lots of love and sass, they’re vegan and cruelty free!🤗

INSTAGRAM: Jane_Kelsey

Honestly guys, I am sold! My most favourite item was the Ambitious candle…

IG: Jane_Kelsey








That was until I used the magical bath bomb cauldron…


💌The Slytherin in me is in total bliss! I love everything, including the packaging which is amazing! The little cards and notes insides made my day and I can see the effort they’re putting in these boxes! 😍😍😍

Doesn’t it all look great guys?! Let me know in your comments down below and please check them out as they’ve got a lot of awesome stuff!