March #Wrap-up: The Cruel Prince, Gemina, Artemis, and more…

Happy Sunday fellow bookworms! I am always so busy that it is not even useful to mention, but I had done a lot of reading as well, which is brilliant. I started and finished a lot of books and managed to get my Currently Reading list to a manageable amount. As you all know, I love reading more than one book at a time, usually between 5-9 (no joking); I am weird that way!

So without further ado, lets see how I did in March:
– I read a total of 9 books including 2 audiobooks and 2 ebooks.
– I read a total of 3523 pages.
– Average month rating: 3.6 🌟

So what did I read?
IMG_20180210_181817_446.jpgThe Cruel Prince by holly Black 3.5🌟

The premise was intriguing and the book was definitely exciting somewhere past the 80% mark, however between here and there the main character was increasingly annoying and generally useless, we do not see a lot of the cruel prince and the plot doesn’t start really until late. Although I saw the ending a mile away, I found it unpudownable towards the end, hence the 3.5 stars rating ~ I will be posting soon a full review for this.

IMG_20180318_163401_424.jpgGemina by @misterkristoff & @amiekaufmanauthor a solid 5🌟

Do I even need to say why? I loved the characters, the writing, the format, and most of all, I loved the plot! That’s how you write a solid plot, like Gemina! I could not foresee that how the story would progress for the life of me, but I was at the edge of my seat all the way until the end. Loved it!

IMG_20180313_164340_369.jpgRed sparrow by Jason Matthews 4 .5🌟

I rarely read spy thrillers, but this was was realistic, the writing really good, the characters compelling. The plot twists were a surprise even when you knew certain events would unfold and almost, almost cried at the end. I dropped half a star because I found it difficult to get in or to absorb some terms, or because it was getting too technical for me in places, although that’s more on me than the book!

IMG_20180206_083608_593.jpgArtemis by Andy Weir 3.5🌟

I really wanted to like this book a lot more, but Jazz has a very annoying personality and did not like her that much, and it was hard to connect with the rest of the characters or the plot. The plot itself was a bit clunky, just like the writing, but midway I actually had a hard time being able to put it down. At least the ending was quite satisfying and clever!
20180225_151916.jpgShadow of the Savernake by Jaynie Hackett 3.75-4🌟

I really enjoyed this story and I found it fascinating the blend of history with modern notions. For the most part I liked the characters, although I did not agree with some decisions that the leading lady took at certain point, but I suppose that was part of her learning curve as a character. The descriptions were rich, sometimes a little too much, but I enjoyed finding out more about the Sherwood area as I do live nearby to it. I liked Nate a lot, he was a solid character, with good morals and instincts.

37483453In the line of fire by Joss Wood ~ 2🌟

Forced romance, characters that felt like made out of cardboard and stilted “hot” conversation. And the plot… don’t even get me there! Also, what was that about the dude taking the girl who he was protecting and wanting to have sex with, to his ex-fiancees house and crash there when she wasn’t even there?! Like WTF?! I felt so satisfied when she appeared soon after and slapped him, hard! So no, take this away from me!

30849736The passenger (mystery/thriller) by Lisa Lutz 4🌟

I totally loved this thriller/mystery. I listened to it as audiobook and was narrated by Edwina Wrenass and I totally recommend to listen to it as the voice was perfect and enhanced my experience.

PSX_20180408_200219.jpgPlague Land by Alex Scarrow 3.75-4 🌟

Really enjoyed it, I haven’t read anything like this before really. I liked the concept of the virus and the things that it could do, it was a nice twist on the post-apocalyptic virus setting. Really liked the characters ad the plot held my attention all the way until the end.

38927824Stormbreaker by Alex Horrowitz (audiobook) 2🌟

I know it’s a YA for boys kinda story, however it was so bad! Like so bad! I listened to it on audiobook when driving and I gave it 2 stars because it was actually entertaining and easy to listen to, but the plot had more holes than Swiss cheese and the characters were bland, cardboard-like with no real motivations for their actions. The villain was laughable which reminded me of the little bald dude from Austin Powers for some reason (I never really watched it, but bu hubs was “kind enough” to show me clips from it, thinking it will make me laugh and want to watch it – NO!)

So that’s it for my March reading feast! What did you read in March? Anything interesting?





#BookReview: In the line of fire by Joss Wood

37483453“It just got personal… As the Delta Force legend at Pytheon International, security expert Jett Smith-Jones has run out of leads in his effort to capture criminal mastermind, The Recruiter, the head of a notorious, international human trafficking and recruitment ring. The Recruiter remains one step ahead but when he threatens the principal players at Pytheon, including Dr Samantha Stone, the game is back on. Jett, while valiantly trying to ignore his visceral attraction to the fiery red head, is determined that she have the best protective detail Pytheon can provide. He is the best they have.”

Genre:  romance
Year Of Publication: 08.02.2018
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Pages: 169
My rating: 2 / 5 stars
Thank you Netgalley and publishers for an e-book copy of this book.

 “Judging by the way they are speaking you’d never think that I have interviewed many convicts, that I have a PhD. I just sound like an absolute idiot.” (Sam)



When I started reading this book, I did not know it was part of a series, this being the 3rd book, however I do not believe that it would’ve changed my opinion on this book much.


giphyJett was the hunk tasked to making Sam loose her panties, err … head! He is obviously tall, dark and handsome, but more often than not I found his attitude more than lacking. He acted and spoke to Sam like she was an idiot, although she was an expert on her field and I struggled to understand how Sam found his talking hot at all! Initially she was fiery and standing her ground, however she soon dissolved into a mess, seemed unable to do her job (which grated on me greatly!), and accepted his often demeaning attitude as sexy! All the other characters didn’t matter much, they seemed to bend in and I cared for them even less than I cared for the main characters. Some of them even patronised her and treated her like an idiot after an incident at her home. WTF? The only character that I seemed to like, was her friend, the detective lady.

What bothered me the most, was not the fact that the characters were cardboard clichés, it was the fact that they kept on deviating from their profile and behaving out of character. This annoyed me to great lengths. For example, she is supposed to be a hard criminal/profiling psychologist, yet she literally had a meltdown with Jeff because she thought she was ugly because when she was 15 years old had pimples (doesn’t have anymore), freckles, and was tall. Surely, she must’ve seen herself in a mirror ever since. Surely, as a psychologist, she could read attraction in other people’s body language, but no!


The plot was weak and not supported much by the characters or the writing. It was predictable and the ending actually made me laugh. The plot seemed to work only to push the characters into each other’s arms and maintain some sort of a tension.


I didn’t like the writing, it read very juvenile and overly simplistic; for example:

“The recruiter was super smart, cunning, and his beef with Pytheon was very personal”, “being the observant, super soldier he was”, “made a nose in the back of her throat”, “Jett’s ‘brave girl’ dissolving a little of the ice around her heart”, “he was super reluctant to risk losing someone again”, and so on…

“Super” was used 12 times on its own. So yeah, I did not enjoy the writing.


Initially I enjoyed it, however the inconsistencies, the lack of coherent plot, characters and writing started to diminish my enjoyment, but overall it was ok. It would’ve been a lot better with some more editing and pulling some of that plot together. The novel felt more like a template, than a story.