#EndOfTheYear: Most surprising books I’ve read in 2017 (Good & Bad)

Hello bookish fam! How are you today? 2017 is going away today and we'll be welcoming 2018! How exciting is that?! This post was supposed to be uploaded last night, however I as not able to, so here it is on the last day of the year! I am going to upload tomorrow my list … Continue reading #EndOfTheYear: Most surprising books I’ve read in 2017 (Good & Bad)

June Wrap-up

As per usual I am late posting, but everything has been quite crazy lately, so I didn't have time to post as I wanted during the weekend. Anyways... let's see what I accomplished in the month of June: Lost girls (Sherry Moore #3)┬áby George D. Shuman follows the blind psychic Sherry Moore who is able … Continue reading June Wrap-up