Tribes of Decay by Michael W. Garza

Book cover

Evolution results in death and destruction. Mia and Rowan are members of the Chayenne tribe surviving in a decaying world ruled by the zombies and the infected. They were born in a world already dead, a world where death cries every night, where each step can be fatal and nobody is spared.

When I began reading this novel, I was surprised from the begging in a very good way. I am a zombie fan, I would devour anything with zombies in it, but I knew it was more than just zombies, it was about humans, about feelings, about how you survive death without losing your humanity.

Mia and Rowan are the main characters and we see the world alternating between the two. At the beginning of the story, Mia and Rowan are trying to overcome the obstacles that keep them from being together. After a hunt goes wrong and his partner is killed, Rowan discovers that the dead are evolving in their behaviours. He tries to warn the tribe, however he is expelled from their protection and forces Mia to run away from the tribe to be with him. These characters are credible and grow immensely in the outside world, forcing them to take hard decisions in order to survive. The choices these characters are forced to make propel the story forward, delivering an action packed novel.

The zombies are very well created, with a clear distinction between the mindless zombie and the infected, which possess more cognition and abilities to communicate with zombie-784914_1280each other. The zombies/infected were exciting and freaked the hell out of me with their death cries every single damn time. I loved it!

Without spoiling the book is really hard to actually say how much I loved the world underneath and how survival changed those who remained alive. The story of Rowan and Mia is beautiful, and it shows that even in the face of death, the beauty of humanity can still shine through, restoring hope. The story was well written and it delivered, even though sometimes it lost me in the action sequences when everything was happening at a fast pace. Certain action scenes were a bit too much described in terms of how they actually managed to escape. I’am a bit of an impatient reader who wants to know and wants to know it now, so maybe that’s why, however it did not infringe on my opinion of the book: AWESOME! I am not a massive fan of dual POV’s but he made it work in this book.

If you haven’t read anything written by Michael, I recommend that you do.



Die for me – Amy Plum (Revenant 1)

9462812“Would you risk your life for me?” The book follows Kate who suddenly becomes an orphan.  Kate and her sister move to Paris to leave with their grandparents. Unlike her sister, Kate is deeply consumed by grief and prefers to hide herself in novels and museums. That is until she meets gorgeous boy Vincent, clouded in mystery and darkness to lure her in. From now on things should become more interesting.

***The following may contain spoilers and nuts! Proceed with caution!*** 

I loved the beginning of the story, the way her grief was portrayed and how she was struggling to adjust to her new life. After she meets Vincent , the tone somehow changes and as their relationship develops and we get the big reveal, I was somehow disappointed. My disappointment has nothing to do with the fact that this is not a vampire novel, but everything to do with the fact that it tried so hard not to be a vampire novel. On the same note, I am super-super confused about the lore. It was never explained to me how some people die and “just” become immortal. Some theories were thrown around, but not fully developed so I was still left unsatisfied. This story left me hanging.

The relationship between the two main characters as lovers was originally based on the same old instant-crush which imagealmost made me gag. When is this thing ever going to end in YA novels?! Can’t we just have people meeting and falling in love the normal way without any instant-crush? It’s getting old already!  When I started reading this novel I thought that I found a gem, however I was quickly disappointed by the direction the story took. The characters were not properly defined and too many cliche characters and scenes where thrown around. Also, the guy is so gorgeous makes my stomach flip! Do we actually have to have every single cliche? Why can’t he be just normal? Why does he have to be abnormally hot when he is already immortal? I just can’t deal with this shit anymore. I am FED UP with BEAUTIFUL characters on the outside which we don’t get to know much. I want to give a fucking shit about them, not assess their physical appearance. Is it more “love” if characters are beautiful? Is this saying that if you’re less than than you don’t get to experience love?

3005_jackie-chan-meme-whyIn addition to this, the story lacked any real action. There was a constant “I want you – I don’t want you” which gave me a whiplash. Nothing much happened after the “big” reveal, but these awkward scenes and lines that I could quote from other YA novels that I’ve read in this life. I will strongly encourage writers to read before writing, it can do wonders! 

I am very annoyed with this story because it had potential and the writing didn’t suck! Yeah, the writing didn’t suck, but the plot did! I can understand that it is not an action novel, however I cannot stand too much moping in one sitting; what I’ll do, is skip through irrelevant passages directly to the dialog if you do not keep me hooked in and be adamant on trying to explain me shit. I have a brain and I can think for myself and figure out what and why it happened. Writers lately have this idea what readers are dumb people who only read beer bottles. Dear writer, thank you for involuntarily making a negative statement on my intellect! Duck you all!

I will give this one 2.5 stars because the writing didn’t suck, however the plot did. Oh, I also loved the cover! 😉 I’am a sucker for good covers as you all know.


Romance in Young Adult novels

soulmatesThe “Young Adult” romance I have stumbled lately on my random reading picks from Amazon on quite a few Young Adult novels, some good, some note quite so, but they all shared the same pattern.

The romance in YA novels has the same pattern (in 99.9% of books read) with all the ingredients that make me think that somehow teenagers will get it wrong, that along the lines they will understand a story worse than Cinderella’s…

The ingredients: we’re taking unexperienced girl and throw her in the mix with a hot guy, preferably dark, rich and with a murky past, then brand the chemical attraction and adolescent hormones as “true love”. Then we spice things up a bit with some drama and controlling/abusive/manipulative behaviour from our guy and we stamp is as being cool and seductive; nice, good guys are overrated. For extra flavour, we can remove the guy from the picture so that our girl can crumble into pieces, cry her eyes out, contemplate suicide because life without him is unbearable and there is No Way for her to live without him. Then we bring him back into the picture and he’s the hero of the day after he says “Sorry” and gives her a good kiss and a smack on the bum. 😉

It is also okay to think that you are destined, a.k.a you have no control over your emotions, body and soul. She is destined to be with him for all the stupid reasons and there is no real need for real communication because destined love doesn’t need that bullshit, right? I mean, they are destined to love each other, why should the petty details like his huge criminal record, the fact that he’s actually a monster (literally) coming from hell, has creepy stalking tendencies, etc, would actually matter.

“Soul mates” know each other from the womb and of course she knows he is not going to rape her, or sink her fangs into her throat or any other horrid thing, because they have the bond. Really? Are you f*ucking joking me? Plus that, are you really telling me that it’s either “fangy” over there or nobody else to love? Someone has to tell these gullible girls that the world doesn’t just spin around One Guy no matter how hunky, sexy, alluring, smart, witty, mysterious, etc he is. Love is a bit (insert sarcasm here) more complex and complicated than that and soul mates and destiny doesn’t even begin to cover it.

It’s not only an unhealthy message, it’s also bad writing since you don’t have to justify anything you throw in there since it can be branded as “true love”, “destiny” and/or “soul mates”.



Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood

Kendra Larkin is out heroine and the story starts while she was on the operating table after falling off a cliff. She hears everything that’s happening, but cannot move or see, and then she dies, but to our astonishment and hers, two guardian angels, hers and doctor’s Adam Chamberlain offer her a deal: in order for her to live again, she has 7 days to make Dr Adam believe in God, she agrees and from here our story goes on.

Until here I was intrigued and I liked the premise. After this interesting start, things go downhill for me, as a reader. One of the things that I didn’t understand, is why so much trouble just for a soul? We never figure it out why the soul of that doctor is so important as you sacrifice another soul, Kendra’s soul.

Then the author explains too much of our character from the beginning and treats us like we’re idiots who don’t know what a friend with benefits, sex buddy and/or no strings attached means and feels compelled to explain to us. And what’s up with the questions towards the reader? WTF?

Then she recovers oh so miraculously and finds out Adam is her soul mate, but meanwhile she has the hots for Mason, a nurse in the hospital, while she wants to get in the pants of her really hot guardian angel? Wait.. slow down, what? Oh, there’s more! Mason is a demon and tried to kill her and she truly falls in love with Adam while her fuck buddy tries to tell Kendra he loves her, but she almost ends up having sex with the guardian angel?

*Give me a gun, I wanna shoot the twat in her boobs at this point!*

The plot is absolutely hilarious, the sex scenes feel like Sandra Brown reborn and how much of a possibility is that 4 Very Attractive Men drool over her? Gimme a break! How could anyone believe in God while your angel can fuck you? No offense but that’s just bloody weird.

The characters have no depth, no insight, no spine, they bend as the author wants them to, they have to fit the story, to make happen this fantasy of the author!

And since when just doing some mundane things the same way means that you found your soul-mate? I’m a bit confused of how the number of spoons of sugar in a coffee means you found The One?

I did love one thing: the cover! The cover is absolutely brilliant! Pity that the book doesn’t deliver.

 Save my soul or please god kill me know this book is horrible!

♡ Starring role – Marina and the Diamonds ♡

You’re hard to hug, tough to talk to
And I never fall asleep, when you’re in my bed
All you give me is a heartbeat
I’ve turned into a statue
And it makes me feel depressed
Cause the only time you open up is when we get undressed

You don’t love me, big fucking deal
I’ll never tell, you how I feel
You don’t love me, not a big deal
I’ll never tell you how I feel

It almost feels like a joke to play out the part
When you are not the starring role in someone else’s heart
You know I’d rather walk alone, than play a supporting role
If I can’t get the starring role.
Sometimes I ignore you so I feel in control
Cause really, I adore you, and I can’t leave you alone
Fed up with the fantasies, they cover what is wrong
Come on, baby, let’s just, get drunk, forget we don’t get on

You like my dad, you get on well
I send my best, regards from hell

It almost feels like a joke to play out the part
When you are not the starring role in someone else’s heart
You know I’d rather walk alone, than play a supporting role
If I can’t get the starring role

I never sent for love, I never had a heart to mend
Because before the start began, I always saw the end

Yeah, I wait for you to open up, to give yourself to me
But nothing’s ever gonna give, I’ll never set you free
Yeah I’ll never set you free

It almost feels like a joke to play out the part
When you are not the starring role in someone else’s heart
You know I’d rather walk alone, than play a supporting role
If I can’t get the starring role.

The starring role

****Speaking to my soul. ♡ Marina


the age of innocence is gone
-blue caterpillars doomed to oblivion-
high heels hit the hard pavement
in your way to church

still thinking that love conquers all?

still in the night
a vamp goes for the prey
pray that it’ll miss your blood
but the shine is dead

miss, are you still in love?



Oh, sweet death

you’re doing better than me

you’re keeping into your embrace

the loved ones

there’s a heart at stake

die was cast

my eyes are turning blue

Oh, love take me in your sweet embrace

pull the trigger that keeps my eyes open

and let me dream forever