Tribes of Decay by Michael W. Garza

Evolution results in death and destruction. Mia and Rowan are members of the Chayenne tribe surviving in a decaying world ruled by the zombies and the infected. They were born in a world already dead, a world where death cries every night, where each step can be fatal and nobody is spared. When I began reading … Continue reading Tribes of Decay by Michael W. Garza

Die for me – Amy Plum (Revenant 1)

"Would you risk your life for me?" The book follows Kate who suddenly becomes an orphan.  Kate and her sister move to Paris to leave with their grandparents. Unlike her sister, Kate is deeply consumed by grief and prefers to hide herself in novels and museums. That is until she meets gorgeous boy Vincent, clouded … Continue reading Die for me – Amy Plum (Revenant 1)

Romance in Young Adult novels

The “Young Adult” romance I have stumbled lately on my random reading picks from Amazon on quite a few Young Adult novels, some good, some note quite so, but they all shared the same pattern. The romance in YA novels has the same pattern (in 99.9% of books read) with all the ingredients that make … Continue reading Romance in Young Adult novels

Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood

Kendra Larkin is out heroine and the story starts while she was on the operating table after falling off a cliff. She hears everything that's happening, but cannot move or see, and then she dies, but to our astonishment and hers, two guardian angels, hers and doctor's Adam Chamberlain offer her a deal: in order … Continue reading Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood

♡ Starring role – Marina and the Diamonds ♡ You're hard to hug, tough to talk to And I never fall asleep, when you're in my bed All you give me is a heartbeat I've turned into a statue And it makes me feel depressed Cause the only time you open up is when we get undressed You don't love me, big fucking … Continue reading ♡ Starring role – Marina and the Diamonds ♡